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Meet the Moms in the Employee Spotlight’s Mother’s Day Edition

May 2, 2014

This May, meet some of the Moms and their children from the 1800Flowers.com family in the Employee Spotlight: Mother’s Day edition! Read on as these one-of-a-kind Moms share their favorite Mother’s Day Flowers as well as their most precious parts of being a Mom!

mothers-day-employee-spotlight-cathyCathy R. in Vendor Relations knows the importance of letting her child’s creativity soar. Her 4 year old daughter, Valerie, loves to sing, dance, and whistle! Cathy’s heart just melts when Valerie says the phrase, “I love you sweetheart.” It looks like Cathy may have learned a thing or two from her own Mom as she describes her as her role model!
Favorite Mother’s Day Gift: Mom’s Tea Party Floral Arrangement

mothers-day-employee-spotlight-cindyCindy W., a vital part of the Web Analytics team can’t help but smile whenever the thought of her son, Adam, pops into her head. He is a truly original eight year-old who specializes in building theme parks and wonderlands in the virtual building game, Minecraft. Cindy thanks her own Mom for teaching her how to approach life with no regrets and being the reason she feels balanced in life.
Favorite Mother’s Day Gift: Sorbet Roses for Mom

mothers-day-employee-spotlight-pamPam S., a member of Business Gift Services team and part of the 1800Flowers family for 17 years says her Mom is strong, amazing, and caring – qualities she has surely passed down to her 3 daughters! Her favorite part of being a Mom is being able to spend cherished time with her granddaughter Kaitlyn.
Favorite Mother’s Day Gift: Marquis by Waterford® Purple Rose & Lily Bouquet

mothers-day-employee-spotlight-mariannaSenior Manager of the Email Marketing Team and new Mom Marianna S. is celebrating her first Mother’s Day as a Mom! No matter the time of day, her son’s smiling face instantly fills her heart with joy and puts a smile on her face as well. Grandma is celebrating the joy of the newest addition as well – Marianna shares that her Mom is also her biggest helper!
Favorite Mother’s Day Gift: Make Her Day Bouquet

mothers-day-employee-spotlight-kathleenKathleen Stromstedt in the Creative Department awaits the end of the work day so she can come home and see her sweet little Charlotte. She can’t help but be proud of Charlotte’s unique personality, especially at just 2 years old! While seeing her little girl’s face may be the highlight of her day, everything she learned came from her own Mom, who inspires her “more than anyone.”
Favorite Mother’s Day Gift: Fields of Europe™ for Mom

mothers-day-employee-spotlight-jamieJamie B., an important part of the Search Marketing Team, is seeing the world through a whole new set of eyes as her three year old Savannah connects with the world and learns new things every day. Jamie can thank her own Mom for teaching her the ins and outs of family life – she shares, “my mom is my best friend and my inspiration to be the woman, wife, and mother I am and want to be.”
Favorite Mother’s Day Gift: Graceful Gardenia Plant

mothers-day-employee-spotlight-paulaDirector of Warehouse and Fullfillment at Cheryl’s.com, Paula P.’s favorite part of being a Mom is hearing her two daughters laugh and play together. She is proud of their individual personalities and interests at such a young age (4 ½ years old and 16 months old). When things get tough, Paula’s go to person is her Mom who “always knows how to make me smile when I am having a bad day.”
Favorite Mother’s Day Gift: Cheryl’s Mother’s Day Traditions Gift Tower

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