Our Smile Days for the Summer of a Million Smiles campaign are wildly successful in and out of the 1-800-FLOWERS.COM office. That’s all thanks to Megan Molloy, our Strategic Marketing Intern, who shares her own take on arranging smiles:

“My summer at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM has revolved around the company’s goal to deliver a million smiles through its Summer of a Million Smiles program. I have been tasked with coordinating Employee Smile Days, in which employees contribute their time by delivering smiles to deserving community members. Little did I know that it would give me the opportunity to work with remarkable organizations such as the New York Blood Center and North Shore Animal League of America..

A particular event that stands out was our visit to Northport VA Medical Center where I met some of our nation’s heroes, an experience we got to share as a 1-800-FLOWERS.COM team. While delivering smiles with patriotic floral arrangements, we heard some eye-opening stories from the veterans. From their reactions, it was clear that it meant a lot to them to know that people were thinking of them and truly appreciated their service. The meaningful interactions from these experiences have stuck with me in a way I never imagined before this internship.

The memories and good feelings I have experienced are something that I will carry with me into my sophomore year at the University of Connecticut. Not only have I experienced a lot during my internship, but I’ve learned about the significance of a smile, something that can be delivered by anyone, anywhere.”

– Megan Molloy, Marketing Department, University of Connecticut

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