We were first introduced to Norma Gregorio when she received one of our birthday flower cakes from her family for her 88th birthday. Since they couldn’t be together in person during this time to celebrate, she sent them a video which made it’s way to Good Morning America.

We were so taken by this story, and Norma’s positive outlook on life that we wanted to chat more with her about how she is staying connected during this time. Thank you Norma for taking the time to share your story.

“L’avventura e’ dentro di noi” means “Adventure is within us”

“I’m often asked, “Aren’t you lonely living alone? Don’t you get bored? What do you do all day long?” And that’s when I am in a quandary because I have no good answers. I’m never bored. I’m never lonely. I’m always looking forward to tomorrow. Doing or planning something special or something different. Right now, I am looking forward to driving down to the shore in my son’s convertible, on a beautiful day with the top down. Just feeling the sunlight and the warm breeze on my face makes me appreciate the beauty of this world.

I just finished my crochet doily and my flower needle point. Now I’ll have to get myself another pretty needlepoint canvas. I do it because I find it relaxing and rewarding. It is just like life; we all start with a blank canvas and we all create our beautiful lives as the years pass. I also enjoy cooking, doing English and Italian crossword puzzles, reading and writing. I’ve written several books, but no one seem to want to publish them. But that does not stop me, no, I just keep on writing. I just finished writing a new story for a children’s picture book.

flowers needlepoint artwork by norma
Flower Needlepoint by Norma

Now, we have this virus cloud over us all. I do not allow it to enter into my everyday life. Even though I have been self-quarantined since the beginning of March, it will not change the feelings and the love I have for my family and friends nor will it surround me with a sense of fear. I call everybody on Skype and WhatsApp every week, both here and in Italy, and we talk and talk and talk. Conversation is the best medicine; it brings joy to your life and you touch the heart of the person you are talking to.

I know that when this pandemic is over, all humanity will be scarred, some more than others, emotionally, financially or physically.

We are all strong, with our love and hope for one another, we will all be winners.”


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