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Delivering Smiles

Top 11 Reasons Why Fall is Awesome

October 15, 2015

Spring and summer sure are nice, but if you live in an area that’s lucky enough to experience the change in seasons, then you know just how wonderful fall is too! Between the transformation of the leaves, the cool, crisp air, and of course, the transition into the holiday season, there are so many reasons why autumn is something to look forward to. How many can you name? Below, we list 11 of our own »

1. Colors and Decor

What other time of year do you know of that produces colors as beautiful as fall does? With the streets and sidewalks turning into a sea of oranges, yellows and reds, the scenery fall presents is just amazing. Getting a bit more specific, one of our favorite places to see the colors come together is in floral arrangements and fall plants! From mums to hydrangeas, roses and more, the mix of fall colors make for a beautiful arrangement! And then there’s the decor. In addition to the fall foliage, you can make your home pop with fall colors by decorating with some of the season’s finest – starting with a fall wreath! What have you done to your home so far?


2. Pumpkin Everything

Whether it’s added to your breakfast, your coffee or your nighttime dessert, fall is all about pumpkin and pumpkin spice – one of our favorite flavors! Though you may be able to find recipes that produce this particular taste throughout the rest of the year, you won’t find it the way you do during the fall – it’s practically available at every store! The theme of pumpkin spice itself is used quite a bit too, such as in fall bouquets that can be used as autumn decor!


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Delivering Smiles

100 Random Reasons to Send a Gift, #JustBecause

August 20, 2014

Every day is filled with a million reasons to give; every moment an opportunity to share. And sometimes, the smallest things are often the ones worth celebrating.

  1. You always make me smile
  2. It’s the third Wednesday of the month
  3. I’m paying it forward
  4. It was so good to see you last week
  5. You had a bad hair day
  6. I want to make your day brighter
  7. You put up with my music
  8. Traffic was a nightmare today
  9. You deserve a surprise
  10. Making you happy makes me happy
  11. You would never expect it
  12. You’re on my mind
  13. You could use a pick-me-up
  14. I felt like it
  15. You’re out of sight, but not out of mind
  16. You saved me the last piece of cake
  17. You’re the first person I want to talk to in the morning
  18. I’m feeling happy
  19. You cleaned the house
  20. You inspire me
  21. It’s payday
  22. You wore the sweater I bought you
  23. You made it this far
  24. I’m not perfect
  25. You helped me put together my new table so I don’t have to eat on the floor anymore
  26. I made you late
  27. …do I really need a reason?
  28. You think I’m beautiful without makeup
  29. You motivate me
  30. I dreamt about you
  31. You cut the crust off my bread
  32. It’s the little things
  33. You let me pick the movie
  34. You put up with my family
  35. You watch sports with me
  36. You deserve it
  37. I DVR’d over your favorite show
  38. You did me a favor
  39. You’re volunteering your time
  40. We’ve been best friends forever
  41. I can and I will
  42. I don’t want to wait until Valentine’s Day to say “I Love you” <3
  43. I haven’t seen you in ages
  44. You laugh at my [bad] jokes
  45. You helped me move
  46. You had a rough day
  47. You got a good report card
  48. I’d still be fixing that flat tire if it wasn’t for your help
  49. You’re my favorite gym buddy
  50. You take out the trash
  51. I can be weird around you
  52. You lent me that book
  53. It’s your half birthday
  54. You always go out of your way for me
  55. Your proofreading helped me get the job!
  56. You refused to let me pay for dinner and drinks
  57. You didn’t get mad when I borrowed your clothes
  58. Every day is a new day
  59. You were a great dog and house sitter (AND didn’t burn the house down!)
  60. You helped me with ALL my college applications
  61. Laughing with you is so much fun
  62. You dealt with the annoying parking lots to pick me up from the airport
  63. You “like” all my selfies on Instagram
  64. I miss you
  65. You didn’t tell Mom on me
  66. You’re on a diet and this arrangement has zero calories
  67. You were the designated driver too many weekends in a row
  68. You missed your track meet to spend the day with Grandma
  69. The recipe you gave me actually got the kids to eat their veggies!
  70. You love roses
  71. I’m lucky to have you in my life
  72. I can always count on you
  73. You make my heart beat fast
  74. I heard our favorite song on the radio
  75. You never give up
  76. Inside jokes are the best
  77. You watched the entire chick flick with me… even though the game was on
  78. It’s a three-day weekend!
  80. Life should be celebrated, every day
  81. You let me crash at your place for the weekend
  82. You let me vent to you
  83. You made me laugh so hard it hurt
  84. We’re happy & healthy
  85. You folded AND put the laundry away!
  86. You woke me up when my alarm clock failed
  87. You’re the only other person that can quote all of Mean Girls with me
  88. You followed your heart
  89. I wanted to know you were smiling, because of me
  90. You’re brave
  91. I wanted to impress you.. and your coworkers 😉
  92. We’ve known each other for 384 days today
  93. I want you to know I’m here…
  94. Movie nights are better with you!
  95. You’re better off without him
  96. You’re my #WCW
  97. I wanted to do something nice
  98. You’re always my “plus 1”
  99. Better late than never
  100. You saved me the last cookie

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Delivering Smiles Summer of a Million Smiles Program Delivers Smiles…with a Twist!

July 8, 2013

7-8-13-Summer-of-Smiles-Lemonade-Stand-2On a relatively quiet Friday afternoon, our Smile Team ventured to the Massapequa 1800Flowers retail store to deliver smiles to our customers and passers-by. Since it happened to be June 21st, the first day of summer, the team created an old-fashioned Lemonade Stand in the parking lot, where they offered free cups of lemonade to anyone seeking a little refreshment.

Armed with a homemade sign and sandwich board, and with some junior Smile Team members on hand to help give out the lemonade, the team was ready to start serving. But there was a fun catch to this Lemonade Stand—anyone who came by for a drink (yes, the team actually gave out cups of lemonade) was also surprised with a truly original Make Lemonade™ bouquet!

Lemonade Stand PosterMost people were shocked, not realizing they were getting a gorgeous bouquet for free! Especially with the kids lending a hand, almost everyone thought it was a charity event. But instead it was simply 1800Flowers delivering sweet smiles!

Smile Team member and employee Chandra Savage recalls her favorite encounter of the day: “I told the customer ‘This is for you just because 1800Flowers wants to share a smile.’ She couldn’t believe it, until finally I told her ‘No, this is just for you!’ She then asked me to take a picture with her so we could smile together.”

Fellow Smile Team member Craig Aquino adds, “The shock on people’s faces when we pulled the arrangements out from under the lemonade stand was priceless. People were genuinely surprised to receive a free gift just for stopping by which created many impromptu smiles. These were contagious, as I couldn’t stop grinning myself.”

Even the real stars of the day, the kids who were an invaluable part of drawing people to the stand, were touched by the day’s events. “It made me feel happy,” said Cassie Tura, daughter of Smile Team member Joe Tura, “to sell lemonade, then give people flowers instead and watch them smile.”Making the Lemonade Sign

All in all, it was a rewarding afternoon for our Smile Team. Whether it was giving out lemonade to a tired bicyclist, or handing an arrangement to a busy mother of two, “it felt good to catch everyone off guard,” said Team Leader Michael Yi. “We were sort of refreshing them in two ways.”

Delivering Smiles

Delivering Smiles at the Ball Park

July 5, 2013

Free Cheryl’s Cookies and Popcorn Factory Popcorn Balls!

Delivering Smiles at the Mets GameWe’ve all heard the expression, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” Well, that is especially true at baseball games, where a hot dog can cost up to seven dollars. That is why we at decided to hand out pallets of free Cheryl’s cookies and popcorn balls from The Popcorn Factory. As part of our Summer of Smiles Campaign, we sent a Smiles team to Citi Field on Tuesday, July 2nd, and spent the night delivering smiles to baseball fans. After watching the first five innings of the game, our team gathered at the main entrance, ready to brighten up the days of the many fans that were leaving the ball park.

Although it got a bit hectic at some points, the shocked and thankful reactions of the fans encouraged us to work hard. We stayed until the very end so that we could give away cookies and popcorn to the dedicated fans who sat through the rain to see the entire game. By the end of the day, we were able to put a smile on the faces of thousands of people. To top it all off, the Mets came away with a win! Now, that’s what I call a great day.

Delivering Smiles Summer of a Million Smiles Program Delivers 4th of July Smiles to Northport VA Medical Center

July 3, 2013

The Smile Squad Delivering Smiles to the Northport Veterans Affairs Medical CenterOn Monday July 1, 2013, the Summer of a Million Smiles program gave a special 4th of July salute to the war veterans at Northport Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Northport, N.Y. To show our heroes appreciation and gratitude for their service, we delivered star-spangled smiles to the nursing home with dozens of patriotic flowers!

Smile Squad team leader and employee Maureen Paradine headed to the Northport VA Medical Center with her co-workers Kelly Trench, John Sharkey, Marc Cole, Christine Brooks, Cynthia Thompson, Pam Sciala, Tina Finnochiaro, Jalisa Clark and Rachel Armendariz to pay homage to the nursing home veterans, who live there year-round. Each veteran living at the Northport VA Medical Center was injured in the line of duty while serving in the military.

To help make the nursing home extra-festive in time for its annual 4th of July dinner, the Smile Squad decorated the halls with an Americana Heart Preserved Wreath and adorned the dining room with 35 beautiful patriotic arrangements and brightly lit candles. Once the decorations were ready, the team also hand-delivered red, white and blue carnations—and big smiles to match—to 119 patients. Summer of a Million Smiles 4th of July Event at Northport Veterans Affairs Medical Center

At the end of the day, Smile Squad members were fortunate enough to enjoy a private luncheon with the vets, during which they presented a beautiful bouquet to a WWII and Korean War veteran and his lovely wife of 57 years. The 4th of July Summer of a Million Smiles event team was also most fortunate to receive product donations from’s supplier partners: Pavilion Gift Company, Infinite Rose, Floral Treasure, Pacific Bouquet and DelawareValley. Their thoughtful and generous contributions brought smiles to everyone’s faces!

After meeting so many amazing heroes—such as a POW Commander and a D-Day Beach Lander—and listening to their touching military stories, the Smile Squad thanked each one for their service and wished them a happy 4th of July. The day was emotionally charged and unforgettable for the team members, who were all so happy to be a part of such a special day.

“My Summer of a Million Smiles team had the best day visiting with the Vets at the Northport VA Hospital,” says Smile Squad member and employee Rachel Armendariz. “Paying tribute to these brave and honorable soldiers makes me proud to be an American. Thank you to for putting the program together!”

Delivering Smiles

Delivering Smiles to Dads and Daughters

June 25, 2013

On Tuesday, June 4th, members of the Smile Squad delivered smiles to the Franklin Elementary School in Hempstead, NY by
hand-delivering floral corsages for the school’s first annual Father Daughter Dance. Summer of Smiles Father Daughter Dance participated in the event because of the brand’s expertise in specialty floral designs. Assistant Principal, Miriam Ortiz, was full of joy when the team arrived at the door with corsages and two additional centerpieces. The school volunteers showed great appreciation and gratitude for our efforts in their community.

“Words cannot completely express the gratitude that our students and staff had to both you and for the wonderful donation,” said Ortiz. “You defined what it truly means to put ‘Children First!’ Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

As Jaime Baker, employee and member of the Smile Squad, explained: “The excitement of the PTA volunteers to throw this event and knowing how much hard work was done by them, personally made me feel proud to be part of an organization that helped contribute to that excitement.” employee Bob Lawkins added: “The opportunity to visit the Franklin School and provide corsages for their first annual Father Daughter dance was a great experience. Many teachers, employees and volunteers worked very hard with a modest budget to make it a magical night for the families, and they greatly appreciated the special addition of flowers for the girls. We’ve heard that all of the students loved receiving the flowers from their Dads.”

Jillian Snell, employee, perfectly summed up the experience: “The smiles that we received walking into the school was a truly amazing experience; it was an honor to be part of the 1-800-Flowers team that day!” is proud to partner with Pencils of Promise, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating schools, programs and global communities around the common goal of education for all. For each corsage donated to the dance, donated $2 to Pencils of Promise. Additionally, Franklin School officials made a personal donation to the cause.

Delivering Smiles Partners With the Cancer Research Institute to Help Conquer Cancer

June 13, 2013

White Daisies From the Fight With White Collection It’s time to stand up and join the fight against cancer: June is Cancer Immunotherapy Awareness Month!

Every day, new advances are being made in a revolutionary new treatment called cancer immunotherapy: a type of therapy that strengthens the immune system’s ability to overcome the disease. To show our support and increase awareness of this research, has teamed up with the Cancer Research Institute (CRI) to raise funds for their ongoing efforts to put an end to cancer.

As one of the many events this month that help the public learn more about cancer immunotherapy and help save the lives of more cancer victims, team members participated in Wear White for a Cure Day on June 7th and donated their funds to CRI. Check out a few photos of us sharing some smiles and proudly showing our support at the office:

The Team Showing Their Support for Wear White for a Cure Day

The Team Showing Their Support for Cancer Immunotherapy Awareness Month

The Team Wearing White to Show Support for Cancer Immunotherapy Awareness Month

And now you can join forces with us too! As a proud partner of the Cancer Fight With White Classic All-White ArrangementResearch Institute, has created the Fight With White collection of white-themed flowers and gifts to deliver smiles of hope to everyone. Every time you make a purchase for yourself or a loved one, 10 percent of net proceeds will be donated to CRI! So show your support for Cancer Awareness Month and dress up your home or office with a beautiful white bouquet. With your help, we’ll get one step closer to finding a cure for cancer!

Delivering Smiles Kicks off the Summer of a Million Smiles Program at Walnut Street Elementary School

June 6, 2013

Summer of a Million Smiles LogoOn Friday, May 31st, the Smile Squad kicked off this year’s Summer of a Million Smiles program at Walnut Street Elementary School in Uniondale, N.Y., in celebration of the plant sale. Third grade students were smiling wide when they were surprised with an expert lesson on plants, then given beautiful flowering gifts to take home for Father’s Day!

The first of a string of community outreach events this summer, our visit to Walnut Elementary School helped third graders have some fun with their science curriculum … and learn how to help the earth by planting flowers!

Summer of a Million Smiles Kickoff Event at Walnut Street Elementary SchoolThe Smile Squad started delivering smiles by teaching students about the anatomy of a plant. Then, to show the kiddies how to beautify their school and keep the environment healthy, the team helped them plant colorful flowers in their outdoor classroom area.

“It was such an awesome, hands-on learning experience about the science and care of plants,” says Linda Freidman, principal of Walnut Street Elementary School. “The students enjoyed the presentation and loved planting the beautiful array of flowers in the Third Graders of Walnut Street Elementary School Learning all About Plants From the Teamvarious garden beds that we prepared for this event around the school. Most of all, the students felt so proud of themselves that they were able to help beautify the school.”

To end the day with even bigger smiles, we gave every third grader a pretty plant to give as a Father’s Day gift! We were glad to see so many happy little faces that day, beaming with excitement thanks to their blooming new school garden and take-home presents. We’re proud to make a difference by passing on our knowledge of plants to the younger generation. After all, today’s kids are tomorrow’s environmentalists!

The Smile Squad at Walnut Street Elementary School“Friday was a super day with the girls from 1-800-Flowers. I learned how to plant and what plants need to survive,” says Jeffrey Diaz, one of the third grade students at Walnut Street Elementary School who took part in the flower fun. “I had never planted before. Now I like to plant and I can’t wait to plant flowers at my own house with my family!”

Delivering Smiles

How to Help the Oklahoma Tornado Victims

May 23, 2013
Americana Heart Preserved Wreath

Americana Heart Preserved WreathAs news about the heartbreaking devastation caused by the tornado in Oklahoma continues to pour in, today we’d like to take a moment to step away from our usual flower-themed posts and show our love and support for those in need. For our readers who want to know how to help the Oklahoma tornado victims, we’ve put together a list of reputable organizations you can partner with to join in relief efforts. Here are the links to each organization’s website, as well as a short description of how your donations will help the disaster victims:

To help ensure that your contributions are going directly to Oklahoma tornado relief efforts, here are a few important tips to consider before donating to any organizations not listed above:

  • Donate only to charities you trust and are familiar with.
  • Do not give your personal information, such as your credit card or bank account number, to any charity that is not reputable.
  • Always check the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Wise Giving Alliance, Charity Watch, GuideStar or Charity Navigator website to make sure the charity to which you’re donating is legitimate.
  • Never send cash envelopes. They might get lost in the mail, and you won’t have any records of the donation to keep for personal or tax purposes.