Traditional Valentine’s Day roses and chocolates always make the perfect traditional gift, but this V-Day, how about thinking outside of the box to sweep your sweetie off her (or his) feet!? With a little extra thought you can make this February 14 an unforgettable one by mixing tradition and innovation – I’ll show you how in this simple sentiments Valentines blog post to make them feel extra special.


Whether you’re planning a romantic night in or an exciting night out, show your Valentine just how much you care by taking the time to pay attention to the little things. It’s the tiniest of details that make the biggest difference, so here are some ideas for a truly special celebration of love.

Start at sunrise.

Surprise your sweetie with a short rendezvous as you sip on hot cocoa and watch the rising sun.

Leave love notes.


Leave them in the car, in their lunch, under their pillow – anywhere and everywhere!

Comment on all their photos.

These days, it’s hard to avoid social media. Surprise your sweetie by showering them with compliments on Facebook or Instagram! It’s easy to forget to point out the little things that made you fall in love in the first place, so remind them in a public manner while keeping it PG.

Clean the house.

There’s nothing like coming home to a clean home with an empty sink and no chores hanging over your head. Surprise your Valentine with a spotless home so they’ll spend less time focusing on their chores and more time focusing on the two of you.

Dress the dog.


Use your furry friends to create some laughs and picture-worthy memories by dressing them up in Valentine gear! An oversized diaper and toy bow are all you need to turn your cat into cupid.

Pack them a festive lunch.

Instead of simply making a sandwich, use a heart shaped cookie cutter to make it a bit more fun! Throw in a few juicy grape tomatoes and decadent chocolates for a mid-day treat that’ll warm their insides.

Plan the whole weekend.


This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday. That means you have the opportunity to turn this one day of love into a whole weekend of romantic bliss.

Make a homemade card.


Skip the store-bought card and create a one-of-a-kind card, personalized to wow fit your sweetie’s personality!

Run their errands.

Pick up their dry cleaning, save them a trip to the post office; take their pet to the groomers. Clear their to-do list so they can focus on the night of romance you have planned!

Surprise them with a dessert in a jar.


Scour the web and find your favorite microwavable dessert recipe. Pack it into a mason jar and slip it into their lunch box!

Make heart shaped food.


During Valentine’s Day, doesn’t everything just taste better when it’s heart shaped? Work this tip in anywhere that you can. If you’re making soup, make heart shaped carrots. If baking cupcakes, place a wax paper heart shape and pour flour over it to make a beautiful design on the dessert. The possibilities are endless!

Make a countdown.

Start the celebration early with a Valentine’s Day themed countdown! We created a paper flower bouquet and attached a love note to each to make a 14 day countdown.

Prep the bath.

After a long hard day at work, there’s nothing like a long soak in the tub to melt away the stresses of the day. Fill up the tub with your sweetie’s favorite bath salts or bubbles. Light scented candles and surprise them with a trail of rose petals leading to their relaxing soak.


How do you wow your Valentine? Share your favorite romantic ideas with us in the comments!


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