7 Mouthwatering Ways to Celebrate Chocolate Day!

July 3, 2014

Through a lot of tedious decision making (along with lots of chocolate taste-testing), we’ve narrowed down all of our choices to just seven of our favorite chocolate gifts, in honor of Chocolate Day. So, get ready to enjoy these top tempting treats.

1. Fannie May Colonial Chocolate Assortment

We’re not sure if life is like a box of chocolate, but we know life should be filled with boxes of chocolate.
Mixed Chocolates by Fannie May

2. Belgian Chocolate Covered Oreo®

Just when you thought Oreos couldn’t get any better – we covered them in chocolate. BOOM.
Chocolate Covered Oreos

3. Fannie May Decadent Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Strawberries are fruit, so consider this as a guilt free treat.
Chocolate Covered Strawberries

4. Chocolate Lovers Market Box

Can’t decide which chocolate to go for? Solution: have them all!
Chocolate Lovers Market Box

5. Fannie May Pixies

Ever wish that chocolate box was filled with just caramel candies? So did we.
Pixies from Fannie May

6. Love You-A-Latte™

Forget the coffee, bring on the chocolate!
Chocolate Heart Fruit Bouquet Arrangement

7. Junior’s Devil’s Food Cheesecake

This may be “devil’s food” cheesecake but it tastes like heaven to us!
Devils Chocolate Cheesecake from Juniors