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April 2009


Interview with a Mom of a Mom

April 30, 2009

Today I’ve spotted Edna, otherwise known as Grandma Henke. She shares experiences from her life with her many readers and of course her family. Grandma Henke says her motivation for staying on top of technology is keeping in close touch with her large family, half of which live in the Seattle area. She is able to keep in touch with her grandchildren through emails, cellular phones, texting, and Messenger. Check out this Mom of a Mom’s blog!

I have been enjoying the joys of being a grandmother precariously through my sister-in-law Marylou. Marylou is an only child and Erin is her only daughter and now Abigail is keeping the line of Moore women going! What a bond! Marylou has told me so many times how much of a joy Abigail has brought to the whole family in the simplest of ways. The first time that the three of them ventured out into the city for day of running errands and doing a little shopping Marylou said she looked at Erin walking next to her, pushing the carriage and she thought to herself, “It doesn’t get any better then this!” Below Marylou shares her thoughts on being a Mom of a Mom with me.

Q: Has being a grandmother lived up to your expectations?
A: It is even better than I expected.

Q: Has it changed your relationship with Erin?
A: Yes, we share more ideas about motherhood. She asks my opinions and she understands the responsibilities of being a parent. We also share the joys and love of a child together.

Q: What’s the best part about being a grandparent?
A: Seeing your child with their child is so wonderful. I saw that immediate bond that Erin had with Abigail. It is also so much fun to watch the baby as she grows day by day.

Q: Do you carry pictures of Abigail with you at all times?
A: Most of the time but I have to admit that sometimes I forget to bring them with me! I need to organize them and put a few in an album that I can carry with me so I am always ready someone asks – and they always do – if I have a photo with me!

I think a great gift idea for a Mom of a Mom would be a private lesson on how to do some basic things on the computer. In most cases a Mom of a Mom is a woman who is a little bit older and just may not have an opportunity to use a computer everyday as some of us do. It could be a simple e-mail lesson including adding an attachment, setting up a contact list, adding links, etc. Or how about setting up your Mom of a Mom up on Facebook or Twitter?! Think she’s ready?

Tomorrow I will share another gift idea for a Mom of a Mom!


Gifts for the Pet Lover Mom

April 28, 2009

Today I’ve Spotted: Jan from The Poodle (and Dog) Blog. She is a former English teacher and writer turned blogger, living in Northern California with assorted people and animals. This blog celebrates the remarkable, the ordinary, and the very funny dogs that share our world. Take a look at her blog.

Here are a few more fun ways you can honor your Pet Lover Mom this Mother’s Day!

Retro Floral Poodle

Everything old is new again! Back in the day, florists used to make a poodle in a basket using various types of chrysanthemums. People have always gotten a kick out of this arrangement, so I asked one of the lead floral designers for 1-800- FLOWERS.COM, Jeff Miklos, if he would make one up for our Spot a Mom campaign. It’s funny, but as the arrangement is being created you begin to see the “personality” forming. Jeff wires the flowers that he uses to create the nose, legs and tail so that there is even a little movement to the finished product. Let your imagination go and see what floral pets you can create!

Puppy Love

There are so many decorative pet dishes out there and they make great containers for a flower arrangement or a plant. I used a bi-color carnation that matches the puppy love bowl seen in the below picture. I cut a piece of floral foam to size and created a mound of carnations almost as if the bowl was overflowing with peppermint candy. The carnations will last for weeks and then the bowl gets gifted to mom’s little puppy love!


The Pet Lover Mom

April 27, 2009

Today and tomorrow I would like to honor all of our Pet Lover Moms out there in the world. To all they may not be the traditional form of a Mom, but when it comes to their pets – they truly are a Mom. SPOTTED: Yvonne from Scratchings And Sniffings! Yvonne writes a blog that shares pet news from the world of dogs and cats and of course, all other pets you want to hear about.

I for one fall under this category! I have had a dog as a pet almost my entire life, but I have never had one that got under my skin and into my heart like my chocolate lab, Cody! He’s 5 years old and the entire family is totally nuts about him. He is the sweetest and cuteness dog and he loves us as much as we love him. So of course I have to share with you a picture of him when he was a puppy and a recent one.

Creating a floral gift for a Pet Lover Mom just takes a little imagination. Here is an idea I was able to come up with and I will be sharing more tomorrow. As I was brainstorming I kept my eyes open for fun items that I could make into a great gift that would bring a smile to my favorite Pet Lover Mom. Being a dog lover myself, I seemed to gravitate towards doggy things, but the same basic ideas can work with any type of pet.

Party Animal

Flowers for mom, treats for her best friend, and a fun book featuring ideas for having a party for your pet make up into a vibrant and happy gift with something for everyone.


Fun Gift Idea For a New Mom

April 23, 2009

SPOTTED NEW MOM: Liz from Mom-101. Funny Mom, Liz, is a busy working mom who blogs about her two daughters and her husband, the stay-at-home Dad. Liz shares stories about her life and adventures in parenting. She jokes that she and her husband have no idea what they are doing, but by the looks of things they seem to be doing just fine. Take a look her Mom-101 and tell me what you think!

For all those Moms (and even Dads) who may want a good laugh, here is a fun Mother’s Day gift or even baby shower décor.

When I was planning the flowers for Erin’s baby shower I found a really funny book called “Safe Baby Handling Tips” by Kelly & David Sopp. Each page is like a graphic international do and don’t sign for the correct way to feed, lift, calm, etc. a new baby. I used the different pages and ribbons to decorate glass vases that I filled with gerbera daisies. The daisies are innocent and fun and everyone got a kick out of the silly signs. We can’t always take ourselves too seriously now can we!?!


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for New Moms

April 22, 2009

I’ve Spotted: Kelcey from Mama Bird Diaries! Kelcey is a Manhattan-mama and former journalist. This dedicated mom and her team of contributors at Mama Bird Diaries share stories and tips for moms everywhere.

So after yesterday’s sneak peak into a New Mom’s life, you’re wondering what to get her for Mother’s Day. My niece, Erin, mentions below what she would LOVE to receive this Mother’s Day.

Q: You’ve given many mothers’ day gifts over the years. Now that you are a mom what would you like to get as your first Mother’s Day gift?

A: A day off! Seriously though, I would love a spa day! I would also love to get some fragrant spring flowers to brighten my apartment since I spend so much time inside at home with the baby now.

You can always give your New Mom a gift certificate to their favorite spa, but if you want to do something extra special at home try creating a “Day of Relaxation” at home.

Serenity Room – transform your bathroom into Mom’s perfect spa treatment. Fill up the bath tub with warm water and sprinkle Mom’s favorite flower petals for a relaxing bath. Light candles, scatter them around the room, and leave Mom’s favorite book by the tub. Be sure to have her fluffy towels, slippers and robe ready when she’s done.

To add to her special day, be sure to have a beautiful floral arrangement waiting for her. As Erin mentioned, flowers will brighten her days as she’s at home with the baby. Flower arrangements such as, Pink and White Roses or the Sentimental Surprise from 1-800-FLOWERS.COM incorporate soft colors and are perfect for any New Mom.

Tomorrow I will share a fun DIY project!


Q&A with a New Mom

April 21, 2009

From the life of a new mom…

First things first, today I’ve spotted Candace and Debbie from Mamanista! Candace and Debbie are trendy moms, dedicated to sharing their budget-friendly ideas with other hip moms. Mamanista offers helpful product comparisons and parenting news. All moms should take a look at their great blog!

I enjoyed speaking with my niece Erin about her New Mom life and I’m so happy she let me share some of our conversation. Below are some excerpts from our little Q&A session.

Q: How has it changed your relationship with your mother?

A: From the day I brought Abigail home from the hospital I began to appreciate my mother more. I began to realize all the things she did for me, and gave up for me! I have never needed her advice or support more, and she is always there with guidance and unconditional love. We talk every day, sometimes multiple times a day now and she never gets bored listening to me talk about poop or spit up. I never realized how much I needed my mom….and how I hope I can be half as good a mom to Abigail as she has been (and still is) to me.

Q: How did you relax pre-baby?

A: Read, watch movies, have a glass of wine

Q: How do you relax now?

A: Sleep!

Q: Did you blog or use blogs before the baby – do you now?

A: I didn’t really use blogs before I had the baby. Now however, I spend a lot of time online doing searches about topics related to the baby. I have so many questions and I often find great answers on blogs.

Q: If you do now is it primarily for baby info, sharing, and community?

A: Yes. I use them to get information on the baby and it is always helpful to find out that others are in the same boat that I am in and that other moms have had the same worries that I do. It’s like an online version of a good friend saying “me too”.

When choosing a gift for a New Mom you should definitely take into consideration the changes she has been through and the types of things she enjoyed before baby and the things she enjoys now (i.e. sleep!). Combining both into a day of relaxation may turn out to be a Mother’s Day to remember! Tomorrow I will be sharing some flower suggestions that will add to her day of relaxation 🙂

For all Moms out there: What do you want this Mother’s Day???


Spotted: New Mom!

April 20, 2009

Today’s Spotted New Mom: Stephanie from Adventures in Baby Wearing. Stephanie provides all sorts of tips and tricks on natural and eco-friendly parenting. Adventures in Baby Wearing offers advice on everything from cloth diapers to vaccines. It truly is a great blog for all Moms out there 🙂

New moms, just like “old” moms, come in every imaginable shape, size, temperament, etc. One thing is for sure, they all have one thing in common: their world has just been turned inside out and upside down. And that’s a good thing!! It’s been awhile since I was a New Mom. My first born, my son Shane, just turned 30 (how is that even possible). While some things never change, the world and the way we live in it are very different today. I thought it would be interesting to talk to a New Mom and see how things compare. I didn’t have to go too far since my niece Erin gave birth to her first child, Abigail, a few months ago. Next week, I will also feature Erin’s mom, Marylou, as a Mom of a Mom. It has been a pleasure to see the changes that Abigail has brought into their lives and their relationship. I am happy to share a little slice of Erin’s New Mom life with you and thousands of the other Moms out there.


Orchid and Candle Centerpiece

April 17, 2009

As we end our On-the-Go Mom stay-cation, I have one more On-the-Go Mom I’d like to recognize. Emily from You’ve Been Spotted! provides helpful hints and tricks aimed at making Mom’s life a little easier. Emily posts everything from quick and easy recipes to the best sites for online shopping. If you are an On-the-Go Mom, make sure you visit her blog!

To top off your stay-cation tablescape – here is a VERY easy centerpiece you can create. Teak is a great wood to use when trying to create a tropical feeling to a tabletop. For the orchid and candle centerpiece, I used the salad bowls from a teak bowl set that I picked up in a vintage store near my home in Florida. I also found a great piece of vintage tropical fabric that you see in the shot in the same store (it was a good day!).

How to:

  • Cut a piece of floral foam, so that it fills the bowl, but does not go over the top. Then cut a hole it in the middle of the floral foam that is the size of your candle.
  • Add water to the bowl until the foam is totally saturated.
  • Remove the single cymbidium orchids from the main stem. You can just “snap” the single bloom off of the main stem.
  • Insert the single bloom stems into the wet floral foam until you have gone all the way around the candle.

Done! Now you have a great centerpiece to share with your friends and family.

Don’t forget to enter a Mom you know in the Spotlight a Mom contest. Stop by on Monday for a great gift idea for a New Mom.


Spotted: Floral Lei How-To

April 15, 2009

Erin from Queen of Spain – You’ve Been Spotted! Erin is an award winning journalist, contributing editor, avid blogger and a non-stop On-The-Go Mom. Visit Queen of Spain and tell me what you think!

Erin is definitely an On-the-Go Mom who may be in need of a stay-cation. Below are the step-by-step instructions on how-to make the perfect floral lei.


  • 5 stems dendrobium orchids (approx. 35 blooms)
  • Monofilament or fishing line
  • Large needle


  • Cut a piece of fishing line to the length that you want your lei to be, plus 6 inches. Remember the lei should be long enough to fit over the head.
  • Thread the needle with the cut fishing line. Tie a knot about 3” from the end of the line.
  • Remove all of the dendrobium orchid blooms from the stem. Remove the small piece of stem that is still attached to the flower.
  • Insert the needle through the base of the flower and slide the flower down the length of the fishing line stopping at the knot.
  • Continue this process, “sitting” each bloom within the one previously put on the line until you are about 3” from the end of the line.
  • Tie a double knot with the 2 ends of the fishing line.

Now you have beautiful floral lei perfect for a stay-cation!


Relax and Have a Stay-cation! Spotted: NY City Mama

April 14, 2009

Don’t you wish your On-the-Go Mom would slow down enough to take a really nice tropical vacation? And if she could don’t you wish you could afford to take her on one?! Well you could give her a one-day tropical stay-cation right in your own backyard or terrace. It can be so much fun. Get the whole family involved in the planning. Remember all of the senses – sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. You can download Hawaiian music or the soundtrack from South Pacific, use tropical scented candles, and create your very own version of a Zombie cocktail. It would be so cute to have the kids dress up and be the servers and give a hula dance performance!

Here are a few photos to give you some inspiration. Some of the materials I used to capture that South Pacific feel are:

  • Orchids – Cymbidiums, Dendrobiums, and Phalenopsis
  • Tropical Calathea Leaves
  • Bamboo and Teak
  • Raffia
  • Vintage tropical fabric

Your On-the-Go Mom will be talking “Happy Talk” faster than you can say Bali. And just in case you’d like to sing along check out the lyrics!

An On-the-Go Mom I know who deserves a tropical stay-cation is Carol from NY City Mama. Carol – You’ve Been Spotted! NY City Mama shares exciting stories of her family’s adventures in the big apple. Her life is never boring with three boys in tow. Check her blog out and tell me what you think 🙂

Stop by tomorrow for more stay-cation how-to’s! Also, don’t forget to share a Moms story at – for a chance to win a Beaches Vacation!