Lush evergreen wreaths are one of the most versatile decorations you can use to bring some traditional warmth into your home at Christmastime. And when you opt for a beautiful faux arrangement—like our Plaid Holiday Wreath, which is decorated with festive pine cones and vibrant red berries—you have a truly original ornament that you can use in countless ways for many years to come. Here are just a few of the many different uses for a Christmas wreath!

christmas wreath on red door

Hang It on Your Front Door

Hanging a wreath on your front door gives your guests a dose of Christmas cheer before they even enter your home. It’s the best way to say, “Hey! It’s cozy inside, and the celebration’s already started. You’re welcome to join us!” Use a wreath hook to secure the wreath on the door. Or, wrap a holiday ribbon around the wreath and slip the ribbon over the top of the door. Then, fasten the ribbon to the backside of the door with some Sticky Tack.

Pine Wreath Hanging on a Window

Hang It in a Window

Placing a wreath and a battery-operated candlestick in each of your windows is a simple way to give your home a hint of old-world charm during the holidays. This works especially well for Colonial-style houses with lots of windows. For a fuss-free way to hang the wreath on the pane, use double magnetic wreath hooks that are strong enough to lock onto each other directly through the glass. Another easy option: Tie a ribbon around the wreath, place the wreath outside (or inside) of the window, slip the ribbon through the window pane and close the window tightly onto the ribbon. To make sure the ribbon doesn’t slip through, tie a bow at the end of the ribbon.

Pine Wreath Hanging on a Bedroom Wall

Hang It Above a Fireplace, a Mirror or a Bed

Wreaths aren’t just for outdoor use; they can make your indoor rooms a lot cozier too. Create a snug environment in the living room with a wreath above the fireplace mantel, or give your wreath some depth and hang it directly in front of a mirror in the dining room. For something unexpected, place a wreath on the wall directly behind the bed in your guest bedroom; your guests will feel right at home! When hanging a wreath indoors, use a removable adhesive wall hook to avoid damaging your walls.

Pine Wreath Used as a Centerpiece

Turn It Into a Centerpiece

Bring the perfect holiday glow to your dining room table by fashioning an easy DIY centerpiece out of a wreath and a large pillar candle. Place a charger at the middle of the table and set the wreath on top of the plate. Then, put a candle at the center of the wreath and light it. For an even fancier look, put a hurricane lamp in the middle of the wreath, fill it with cranberries and water, and drop a few floating candles into it. It’s a simple yet jaw-dropping piece that will set the right mood for your holiday feast.

Table Lamp Decorated With a Pine Wreath

Use It to Dress up a Table Lamp

Even your lighting can use some festive holiday apparel, and decking out your lamps with a Christmas wreath is just the way to do it. Giving your side table or nightstand a touch of class is easy: Just lift the lamp, place the wreath on the table, and set the lamp directly in the center of the wreath. You’re all set: Now you have a gorgeous accent for every room in your home!

What other fun and creative ideas do you have for decorating your house with a Christmas wreath? Share them with us!


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