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Christmas Roses & Rose Bouquets

From classic Christmas rose bouquets to charming candy cane roses, these radiant holiday blooms
bring your best wishes to someone very special and provide an elegant touch to your Christmas bouquets.

  1. Christmas Rose Bouquets

The Christmas Rose

The Christmas rose is not a rose at all, but a white flower named Helleborus niger that’s a member of the buttercup family. According to legend, the Christmas rose was discovered by a shepherdess named Madelon. She watched as the Wise Men and shepherds carried gifts for the Christ Child, but she had no gift to give. She began to cry, and an angel appeared to brush away the snow and reveal the special Christmas rose.

No matter where you live or your ties to the beautiful Christmas rose, roses are the perfect gift for any season. Show your love to family and friends this holiday season.

Merry Christmas Rose Delivery

The meaning of blooming red Christmas rose bouquets is love, and perfect to use to celebrate the festive Christmas season! A variety of Christmas plants have been called "Christmas Rose” over time, leading many to wonder about the true Christmas Rose. Each rose flower is steeped in a legend that dates back centuries, and the stories vary by location.

Roses for Christmas

Gifting or receiving roses for Christmas is a thoughtful way to send holiday wishes. Christmas roses are easy to care for, whether it’s a mixed arrangement with assorted Christmas flowers or a bouquet of Merry Christmas roses. If your holiday roses come in a traditional vase, be sure to refrigerate your roses if you plan to leave them without attention for more than a day or so.

Another Christmas rose care tip is to be sure to change out your water regularly, every day or so to promote longevity. To further improve your holiday rose care, remove wilting buds or leaves as they occur. This prevents them from dropping into the water and beginning to rot—reducing the life of your bouquet.

  1. Christmas Rose Bouquets