Fall gifts have been typecast. People typically picture bold-colored fruits and vegetables— plentiful with gourds — all nestled in a wicker cornucopia.

But fall gifts, like autumn itself, can be so much more. Whether in a basket, crate, or box, or it can hang or be filled, our top gift choices for fall 2023 all have elegant design and endless imagination.

12 best fall gifts

Fall gifts with a pumpkin shaped basket full of sweet treats and baked goods.

For the sweet-toothed lover of all things autumn

Finally, a pumpkin that doesn’t need carving and is already stuffed with treats. The Pumpkin-Shaped Gift Basket is loaded with countless, irresistible snacks, making it easy for anyone within noshing range to bounce from autumnal treat to autumnal treat: classic caramel Moose Munch Popcorn, pumpkin spice loaf cake, cranberry orange loaf cake, pumpkin cookies, gingerbread sandwich cookies, paradise dried fruit mix, and more.

Fall gifts with a box of snacks for game day.

For the sports fan who needs to up their snack game

Some football fans just grab whatever they see in the supermarket munchies aisle. You can show them what they’re missing by sending them the Hometeam Snack Box. They’ll watch this season’s games skybox style with gourmet snacks that include Moose Munch Popcorn, an all-beef, football-shaped sausage, sharp white cheddar cheese, black bean and corn salsa, and more.

Fall gifts with four bowls with owl etchings on the outside.

For those in need of seasonal serverware

Fall is the start of hearty fare season — soup being one of the season’s go-tos. To serve up such a meal with seasonal flair, opt for the Fall Owl Soup Bowls. Sculpted to look like owls (hence the name), these ceramic bowls, which come four to a set, are adorned with bright maple leaves and are perfect for soups and other hot dishes. I wonder if the aforementioned football sausage would fit in one of these bowls??? Anywho…

Fall gifts with a box of Royal Riviera Pears.

For the fruit lover who mourns the passing of summer

Some wait all year to savor peachescherriesstrawberries, and other fruits of summer. Still, autumn, too, has its signature fruits. Aside from the countless varieties of apples, there’s the famous and classic Royal Riviera Pears. For over 85 years, these Southern Oregon-grown gourmet jewels have boasted a sweet flavor, a buttery texture, and extreme juiciness.

Fall gifts with a tray of pumpkin spice cinnamon rolls.

For the sweet-toothed pumpkin lover

At some point in recent history, pumpkin spice became the flavor of fall. And for even longer, cinnamon rolls have been a guilty pleasure dessert. Combine the two, and you get decadent, handcrafted Pumpkin Spice Cinnamon Rolls. They’re infused with pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, ground cloves, brown sugar, and butter. Just pop them in the oven (ooh, that smell!) and then drizzle the icing on top.

Fall gifts with a basket of chocolate sweets and other goodies.

For the Halloween gourmand

For the discriminating grownup who disdains drugstore candy but loves celebrating Halloween with upscale fare, the Simply Chocolate Grande Autumn Sweets Basket is sure to satisfy. Yes, it’s bursting with chocolate, but it’s also loaded with other grand treats. Selections include dark chocolate sea salt caramel popcorn, turbinado sugar & sea salt cashews, chocolate cherries, a dipped dried pineapple ring, dipped graham crackers, a milk chocolate acorn, dipped Oreos, a jumbo peanut butter cup, pecan patties, pumpkin pie almonds, and so much more.

Fall gifts with a bouquet of orange chysanthemums.

For the friend who loathes an empty vase

A true flower lover pivots with the seasons, so supply the bloom buff in your life with the perfect autumnal arrangement. With its blazing orange tint, the Autumn Harvest Orange Mums channel both the season’s fiery leaves and hues of pumpkins too. (In fact, the accompanying metal burgundy planter is adorned with a rustic pumpkin design.)

Fall gifts with a fall designed turkey platter.

For the Thanksgiving host

The biggest holiday for every American, Thanksgiving is practically autumn’s grand finale (though winter doesn’t officially arrive for a few more weeks). Get the Thanksgiving meal host who wants to serve guests in style the Fall Leaves Turkey Platter and the Fall Leaves Gravy Boat. Each piece in this matching ceramic set is decorated with hand-sculpted fall leaves, acorns, branches, and berries.

Fall gifts with a bouquet of greenery, fall leaves, and tiny pumpkins in a pumpkin shaped vase.

For the fall enthusiast who prefers their decor sans florals

Flowers, though, aren’t necessary to create a stunning centerpiece, as evidenced by the Harvest Pumpkin Centerpiece. This gift, which includes noble fir, western red cedar, incense cedar, safari sunset Leucadendron, and natural cinnamon sticks — all sprouting from a ceramic pumpkin — creates a visual and olfactory treat for any autumn aficionado.

fall gifts Scented Soy Candle Hello Fall

For the scent-sible one

No season is associated with so many distinct smells as fall, and these candles from Jarful House emit all the best ones you can think of. They come in five different varieties, with such names as “Pumpkin Patch,” “Autumn Harvest,” and “Sweater Season” (which, we assure you, does not smell like a worn sweater). Hand poured and made from 100% soy, these candles will fill any home with all the finest fall fragrances.

fall gifts Dried Flower Bouquet

For the “set it and forget it” flower aficionado

Flowers are beautiful, and are one of the best ways to brighten up any home, but they can be a lot of work to take care of. Enter dried flowers! These stunning arrangements from For Love of Pampas capture the majesty of the season and, best of all, last for up to a year — no watering required!

fall gifts Fall Harvest Soap Flower Wheelbarrow

For the scent-sible “set it and forget it” flower aficionado

This gift from Naturally Gifted perfectly combines the two previous presents into one fabulous idea. Soap flowers — which are, in case it wasn’t obvious, flowers made from soap — are lightly scented and last forever, making them ideal for the person who wants to enhance their home decor but doesn’t want to have to change up their look over and over again.

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