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How to Make a Sunflower Topiary

August 24, 2018

Sunflowers are one of the most popular flowers, and for good reason. Their shape and bright yellow, orange & red petals are symbolic of the sun. Sunflowers symbolize radiant happiness and all things positive.

There are many different varieties of sunflowers and just as many ways to design and enjoy them. The topiary design is an easy way to display these cheerful blooms. And you can use this one design technique to create many different looks and styles, depending on the size and shape of the container and the sunflowers you use, whether you incorporate foliage and other floral varieties, as well as the accessories you add such as ribbon, raffia etc.

Here is a basic step-by-step for creating a sunflower topiary. The rest is up to you and your own creativity!


  • Container (if the container isn’t waterproof, you’ll need to use a liner such as a plastic bag)
  • floral foam
  • sunflowers (I find that 6 stems makes a nice size topiary.)
  • waterproof tape
  • raffia or ribbon
  • moss


Cut a piece of floral foam to fit the size of your container and soak thoroughly before placing it in the pot. If the container you’re using isn’t waterproof (this terra cotta pot has a drainage hole on the bottom), you’ll need to line it first. A plastic bag will do the trick!

Choose six long-stem sunflowers with similar heads.

Gather them in your hand, one by one, with one sunflower in the middle and the other five flowers placed around and slightly below the middle one.

Using waterproof tape, wrap the stems together first at the top of the stems right under the heads of the sunflowers.

And again, near the bottom of the stems.

Use raffia or ribbon to cover your tape and to add a decorative touch.

Cut the bottom of each stem on angle.

Insert the stems into the wet foam.

Cover the foam around the stems with moss. You can also add additional flowers, fruit or other decorative elements here—the choice is yours!

And that’s all there is to it! Go ahead, give it a try.

What do you do when life gives you lemons and sunflowers? Create a sunny, lemony yellow tablescape!

Remember to add water to your sunflower arrangements daily and they’ll stay fresh for at about a week.

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