Your sister is someone you’ve laughed with and cried with. You’ve celebrated each other’s accomplishments and been there to comfort each other in times of need. In short, you two have experienced everything life has to offer — and you’ve done it together.

Someone like that deserves to be celebrated. Fortunately for you, there’s a day dedicated to just that. National Sisters’ Day is Aug. 6!

From drinks to food and decorations to activities, here are eight ideas for you and your sis to try this National Sisters’ Day.

1. Mix up a martini (or have someone do it for you)

national sisters' day with key lime martinis

Kickstart your National Sisters’ Day celebration with a refreshing beverage, such as this key lime martini. It’s the perfect balance of tart and sweet, and a breeze to make.

The key ingredient is Tuaca, a brand of Italian brandy with notes of vanilla and citrus. Another key: having a friend or loved one mix this drink up for you while you and your sister hit the “relax” button.

2. Serve up some soul food

Here’s an easy-to-make treat that’s also satisfying. Just warm up some waffles (Wolferman’s no longer sells the mini kind featured in the original post, but the full-size version will do just as well; you can either make larger versions of these or cut them into smaller pieces to create appetizer-size portions), plop a piece of fried chicken on top, drizzle your choice of syrup over each one, and serve them up.

If you and your sister like your food spicy, opt for buffalo chicken tenders and garnish with blue cheese crumbles. They’re the perfect way to add a little heat to your National Sisters Day brunch.

Another way? Waffle Jell-O® shots! Sure, you can reach for a brunch classic like a mimosa or Bellini, but come on, look at these cute little things! As Robert Palmer sang, they’re simply irresistible.

3. Throw a taco party to remember

Tacos aren’t just for Tuesday or Cinco de Mayo, and they also don’t have to be made with the traditional filling of ground beef. There are chicken tacossteak tacos, even vegetarian tacos.

Regardless of what you put in your taco shell or tortilla, make sure you have festive decor that fits the theme. We’re talking salsa jar vases, pepper vases, taco bouquets, and taco centerpieces. You know, the works.

And we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the ingenious taco Jell-O® shots. These things are undeniably adorable, and they will really get the party started. And you don’t need to lick salt or suck a lemon to enjoy them.

4. Stay cool with a drink (or two)

Maybe you and your sister are looking for a drink that is a bit classier than a Jell-O® shot. If that’s the case, check out these recipes for a rosé sangria mojito cocktail and strawberry frosé. The latter is particularly easy to make; all you need is a bottle of rosé and some frozen strawberries. The rosé sangria mojito has a few more ingredients, and is less sweet than the frosé but just as refreshing.

They both go great with kettle corn and chocolate — both of which just happen to come in the Girls Night In Rosé Gift Basket.

5. Decorate with chalk lettering and fabric garlands

Don’t let the “Galentine’s Day” title throw you — these crafts can be done for any number of occasions, not least of which is National Sisters Day. You can complete these activities in anticipation of your sister’s arrival, or do them together with her as a bonding experience.

Hand lettering, including chalk lettering and bounce lettering, takes a lot of trial and error — especially if you’ve never done it before — so you’ll want to be prepared. Either purchase a how-to book, download a tutorial, or enroll in a class online to help guide you. Then, set out your materials and follow along with the instructions.

For the garlands, use fabric scraps that you have lying around, or buy pre-cut strips from a local fabric/craft store. You will also need ribbon, yarn, or twine to attach the fabric strips to. Make sure to personalize your garlands to match the occasion. Whatever you and sister like should be reflected in the design!

6. Make flower jewelry

Any activity that combines flowers and jewelry is sure to be a hit with sisters. And, boy, do we ever have a library of tutorials to satisfy the flower jewelry DIYer.

Flower earrings? Check.

Flower crown? Check and check.

Flower necklace? Checkcheckcheck, and check.

But before you go off and start creating your floral bling, you should first learn some important flower jewelry-making techniques, like these. You’ll thank us later (or now, whichever’s easiest for you).

7. Learn to make a ‘sweet’ flower arrangement

If you or your sister has ever wanted to learn how to arrange flowers like a pro, Alice’s Table offers online workshops for all kinds of DIY projects hosted by expert instructors. Sign up for its flower fundamentals class, and you will have fresh flowers and a vase delivered to your door — everything you need to make a stunning arrangement (save for a pair of floral clippers or scissors).

The event is hosted by Alice’s Table founder Alice Lewis, who started her business by offering flower-arranging classes. She will guide you through the process of creating this arrangement using farm-fresh flowers, such as roses, football mums, and hypericum berries, as well as educate you on the basics of flower design so you can make other arrangements right at home.

8. Tap into your artsy side

national sisters' day with sisters painting at paint nite
Photo courtesy of Paint Nite®

Give your sister the gift of a fun night out (or in), as well as a homemade piece of art, by booking a Paint Nite. You and your sister will receive expert instruction from an experienced artist, plus all the materials you need to create a masterpiece. Events can be held in person or virtually, with the former often taking place at trendy local restaurants or bars.


Mickey Brown is the senior editor, floral and gifts in the Content Studio. In this role, he manages content production, strategy, and operations for Petal Talk. Previously, he was associate editor in the NBC News Brand Studio, where he developed content campaigns for EY, McKinsey & Company, Salvation Army, and other global brands. Before that, he was managing producer of the website, and spent years in sports marketing and communications.

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