Between munching on delicious chocolate bunnies and prepping the home for family reunions and Easter brunch, come April, decorating Easter eggs has become a yearly tradition in almost every household! From traditional dye kits to unique Easter egg decorating ideas, there are so many fun ways to get creative with this family-friendly activity. Using inspiration from the beautiful spring foliage, we’ve come up with this simple yet stunning Easter egg decorating idea: pressed flower Easter eggs! Once your flowers are pressed, it’s just a few easy steps to turn that rounded white canvas into a floral work of art!

Supplies for Pressed Flower Easter Eggs:


Directions for Pressed Flower Easter Eggs:

  1. First, prepare your area. Pour a small amount of Mod Podge into a small bowl or container. Lay your pressed flowers out on an easy-to-access container for easy sticking. Set your eggs up in egg holders or similar container to hold upright while painting.
  1. Once your area is prepped, grab your brush and slightly dip into the Mod Podge.
  1. Paint the adhesive all over the egg. Dip the brush into the Mod Podge once more and use the brush with the adhesive to pick up your first flower. Stick onto the egg and cover in an additional layer in Mod Podge (do not worry about over coating, it will dry clear).
  2. Continue this process until you are satisfied with how your egg looks, and set aside to dry. Once fully dry, these beauties are ready to be shown off!

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