Meet Barbara Tucker, Priority Unit

What is your title and what do you do at 1-800-Flowers? I work in the Priority Unit in Carle Place and have been with the company for 21 years. The things I love most about my job are the amazing people I work with and of course satisfying customers to deliver a smile. 1-800-Flowers’ main mission is to deliver smiles. What about being a grandparent makes you smile? It makes me smile just to hear the sound of my grandchildrens’ voices. It also makes me happy that they love to spend time with their “Dabby”! At 1-800-Flowers we’re all about creating truly original arrangements. What makes your grandchildren truly original? I have six grandchildren: 4 boys and 2 girls. Each grandchild has a special way about them and the way they care for each other is heartwarming. We love to do many activities together like playing checkers and dominoes, and most of all fishing!

Barbara Tucker, Priority Unit

Tell us your favorite grandparent story. I had recently moved into a new apartment and my 4-year-old grandson Hunter had only been there once before and didn’t remember seeing the bathroom. I was sitting in the living room and he asked me, “Do you have a bathroom ’cause I can’t find it?” Well, I just laughed! I showed Hunter where the bathroom was, which he saw had a picture of owls. Hunter said the owls looked nice and that he liked the bathroom. Sometimes they say the cutest things that bring an instant smile to my face! What is your favorite gift from 1-800-Flowers and why? I love the a-DOG-ables… they are such unique floral arrangements!
It makes me smile just to hear the sound of my grandchildrens’ voices.
Since this is our special Grandparents Day edition of the Employee Spotlight, what do you like most about Grandparents Day? Grandparents Day gives me an extra excuse to spend time with them, talking and laughing. What is your favorite flower or plant and why? I love roses, especially yellow & purple ones!
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