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Everything You Need to Know
About Funeral Flowers
& Sympathy Gifts

Everything You Need to Know About Funeral Flowers & Sympathy Gifts
  1. Can I have an order delivered
    by a certain time?

    Dedicated customer service agents at prioritize each
    sympathy order to ensure on-time delivery.
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  2. What should I write in a
    condolence letter?

    A condolence letter is a personal expression
    of sympathy and support to one or more
    members of the grieving family.
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  3. What type of arrangements
    are appropriate for a funeral?

    Here's a basic guide to which types
    of arrangements are appropriate for a
    funeral, depending on your relationship
    to the deceased and the family.
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  4. Can I have a custom
    arrangement made?

    Our expert designers can help you create
    a personalized floral tribute that will provide
    comfort as well as honor the memory
    of a cherished loved one.
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  5. Is it appropriate to send flowers
    to a cemetery?

    Unfortunately, most cemeteries are not able to
    receive and distribute floral arrangements.
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Customer Testimonials
for Sympathy

White Orchids

"A while back, a
friend's mother passed
away, and I sent her an
orchids to extend my
sympathies. I was
unprepared for what
happened next."
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Sympathy Wreath

"When someone you
love expereinces a long
illness, you imagine
that when the time
comes you'll be
prepared...but you
never are. My mother
was an avid gardener
and she loved flowers."
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Loss of a Pet

Loss of a Pet

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How to Create a Memory Garden

How to Create a Memory Garden

Creating a memory garden can help you feel
closer to someone you’ve lost and can create a
tribute that will help others to heal.

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Heartfelt Connections

Heartfelt Connections

Exclusive tips on expressing your condolences
from inspirational artist Sandra Magsamen

When someone we care about passes away, a huge emptiness fills out heart and our lives. But something precious still remains: our memories.

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