Meet Brittany Dean, Business Gifts Account Executive

What is your title and what do you do at I am an Account Executive in Business Gift Services. I work with corporate clients to establish gifting programs for the company, whether a Life Celebrations @ Work Program for sympathy, get well, new baby gifts or special marketing promotions such as product with purchase or special discounts. I’ve worked with the company for a year and 3 months now and really enjoy what I do. The best part of my job is the fact that I help deliver smiles to thousands of people. 1800Flowers’ main mission is to deliver smiles. What about your Valentine makes you smile? My Valentine always knows what to do to cheer me up, and that’s how he makes me smile.
“I always WOW him by doing the unexpected.”
Our Valentine’s Day motto is to “WOW Her!” How do you WOW your Valentine? As this will be my 7th Valentine’s Day with my Valentine, I always WOW him by doing the unexpected. Whether sending a surprise smile, which I did last year with something from The Popcorn Factory, or leaving a surprise gift for him the night before, creativity is key to making the difference. He WOWs me by always doing the little things that make a big difference: sending me a text to see how I am doing or surprising me with a night out. Brittany-with-teddy-bearWhat is your favorite Valentine’s Day gift to receive? My favorite Valentine’s Day gift to receive is a date night at a restaurant. I go from working at to teaching fitness classes (either bootcamp, kickboxing or Pilates) during the week to coming home, cooking, eating at 8:30pm and cleaning up until about 9:30pm. It is nice to have a break when I get home at night and have someone else cook and clean for me! My favorite Valentine’s product from definitely is Big Bear. What’s not to love about a cuddly plush animal that’s almost 3 feet tall, always there when you get home and most importantly, does not require any maintenance (except an occasional hug!) What is your favorite flower or plant? My favorite plant is an orchid. I love their simple beauty and elegance, and really think they bring the WOW factor in every room! What is the most valuable thing you have learned about flowers and plants during your time here? Before working here, I honestly knew little about flowers and plants! My favorite thing I learned is how to take care of an orchid; simply putting an ice cube in the container will water the orchid in a controlled manner. I have shared this with many of my clients and always get a great reaction when I do!
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