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Meet Cathy Rey, Manager of Vendor Relations

What is your title and what do you do at 1-800-Flowers? I’m the Manager of our Vendor Relations department at 1-800-Flowers.com and manage the communication between our organization and drop ship fulfillment vendors to ensure that our customers receive their orders on their expected delivery date, while decreasing customer service inquiries (CSIs). I’ve been with the company for 9 years now and what I love about my job the most is the opportunity to learn as I work.

1-800-Flowers’ main mission is to deliver smiles. What about being a Mom makes you smile? When my daughter says to me, “I love you sweetheart,” it makes me smile.

1-800 Mother's Day58099

At 1-800-Flowers.com we’re all about creating truly original arrangements. What makes your kid(s) truly original? My daughter Valerie is 4 years old and her personality makes her truly original. She loves to play with her toys, sing, dance, and knows how to whistle!
When my daughter says to me, “I love you sweetheart,” it makes me smile.
You will notice on all of our social media pages, we’re asking everyone to tell us about their mom. Tell us about your mom using #MyMom: #MyMom is a caring and loving person, and she is my role model

What is your favorite Mother’s Day gift from 1-800-Flowers? My favorite Mother’s Day gift from 1-800-Flowers.com is our Mom’s Tea Party floral arrangement. I love the mix of flowers in a unique teapot vase, and think the combination of colors is beautiful!1-800 Mother's Day58136

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