Meet Christina Stiehl, Editor of

What is your title and what do you do at I’m the Editor of, and I started in July 2013. I’m in charge of all of the editorial content that’s published on the site. A lot of my job involves coming up with story ideas and writing articles (I write 2-4 articles a day). I also manage our team of freelance writers and experts, assign them stories for Celebrations and organize the editorial calendar. I love being able to have creative freedom with my job, and stay on top of the latest trends in entertaining, DIY and recipes. I also love the idea of inspiring our readers with fun and creative ways to spruce up an upcoming party, or make the most of every day. 1800Flowers’ main mission is to deliver smiles. What about your Valentine makes you smile? My valentine is very generous and selfless, and he’s also really funny. We have a similar sense of humor, and can joke around about pretty much anything. I can always count on him to cheer me up with a dry quip or witty remark. Our Valentine’s Day motto is to “WOW Her!” How do you WOW your Valentine? My Valentine is very generous, but rarely buys or does stuff for himself. That’s why I make sure to get him something he really wants or needs, but would never buy for himself. One year I got him concert tickets to see his favorite band. This year, he WOWed me with a beach vacation away, so I’m going to WOW him with a new messenger bag full of beach essentials he doesn’t have (nice swim trunks, new sandals, sunglasses, etc.)
“I can always count on him to cheer me up with a dry quip or witty remark.”
What is your favorite Valentine’s Day gift to receive? I love getting flowers for Valentine’s Day, and not just because I work for a 1-800-Flowers company! I’ve looked forward to getting them from my Valentine every year. We first started dating soon before Valentine’s Day three years ago, and he surprised me with two dozen red roses even though we hadn’t known each other that long. Ever since then, I’ve gotten the same arrangement every year, and it reminds me of when we first started dating. Plus, they really brighten up my desk and smell lovely. I’m obsessed with the Mint Meltaway Chocolate Strawberries from Fannie May. The combination of chocolate and mint together is my favorite, and it tastes even better on top of a juicy strawberry. What is your favorite Valentine’s Day article from My favorite article is Lovely Ladies Night Valentine’s Day Tablescape. Our contributor, Paula Biggs is so talented, and this article showcases her creative ideas for throwing a lovely Valentine’s night in with your girlfriends. Sometimes Valentine’s Day can be all about romantic love, but I think it’s important to celebrate everyone in your life that you love—friends and family especially. valentines-day-ladies-night-tablescape_full What is the most valuable thing you have learned about celebrating all occasions and entertaining during your time here? I’ve learned here that we don’t have to think about celebrations in such a conventional and traditional way. Parties and events are certainly cause for celebration, but there are moments throughout our daily lives that are worthy of recognition— small celebrations! I’ve also learned that attention to detail and personal touches are what make parties memorable, especially when you’re throwing them for someone else.
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