Meet Jim Dunham, Network Engineer

What do you do at 1-800-Flowers and what do you like best about your job? As Network Engineer, I help keep the company’s sites connected and plugged into the Internet. I’ve been with the company for 3 years. My co-workers are like family. Since this is our special patriotic edition of the Employee Spotlight, can you tell us how you are connected to the military? I have served in the US Army for 4 years. I served as a Specialist in the Signal Corp as an analyst where I received training and experience that helps me today with my duties here at My son James Jr. is now a Private First Class in basic training at Ft. Jackson SC US Army base. He is also going to serve in the Signal Corp as an analyst when he finishes all of his training. At 1-800-Flowers we’re all about creating truly original arrangements. What makes your military family truly original? I am so proud of my son’s dedication and commitment not just towards his service to his country but as a husband and father. 1-800-Flowers’ main mission is to deliver smiles. What about being a veteran and father to a Private First Class makes you smile? It makes me smile to watch my son grow as a man and as a solider. To read his letter on his accomplishments and how he is helping his fellow soldiers get through difficult times. That they are there to pick him up when he need a lift. What is your favorite patriotic gift from 1-800-Flowers and why? Tie a Yellow Ribbon™. To me it represents the sacrifice that soldiers’ loved ones make. It’s a great gift for the wives and moms of our troops.
I am so proud of my son’s dedication and commitment
Tell us your favorite and most heartwarming military related story. The US Army is a family. To say I have a favorite heartwarming story is hard as there are so many. I remember the amount of support we received when my daughter was born while I served. I remember when I had to go away on missions and I knew my family was safe with the help and watchful eyes of my US Army family. That every week my son asks for a new book of stamps because not all in his platoon have stamps to mail letter home. Too many stories. What is your favorite flower or plant and why? The Star Gazer Lily. It’s my daughter’s favorite. When I smell them they remind me of her. What is the most valuable thing you have learned about flowers and plants during your time here? I guess the most valuable thing I learned about flowers is that they are unique in the way that they can say congratulations, I’m sorry, I love you, I miss you, get well, thinking of you, I wish you happiness, my sympathies, you’re special and probably a dozen more emotions that bonds people together.
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