Meet Joe Tura, Senior Copywriter

What is your exact title and what do you do at 1800flowers? Senior Copywriter, Creative Services. I craft copy (that means words for the youngsters out there) that promotes and markets the brand through various media channels, from emails to ads to catalogs to website product copy to videos to telephonic hold messages to you-name-it. How long have you been with the company? Eight years. I freelanced for a couple of months and was brought back as a full-time copywriter early in 2005. What do you like best about your job? I love the people I work with every day, especially my awesome, underrated department. Everyone here works so well together and makes it easy and enjoyable to do my job. I also consider myself extremely lucky to have developed a couple of lifelong friendships. What is your favorite 1800flowers product and why? We have two very entertaining cats in my family, but growing up around dogs I’ve always considered myself a dog person. Which is why the Lucky in Love™ a-DOG-able® arrangement is my current favorite.
One word: chocolate.
What is your favorite flower or plant and why? Call me boring, but I love the simple beauty of a fresh carnation. They last forever and look gorgeous either by themselves or in any mixed arrangement. One of 1800Flowers’ main missions is to deliver smiles. What makes you smile? My 9-year old daughter Cassie, who is a pop culture geek like me (The Simpsons, Godzilla, comic books…that’s my girl!) and always manages to surprise my wife and I with her intelligence and humor. 1800Flowers is a gifting company. What is your favorite gift to receive and/or give for Valentine’s Day? Give: anything from the Fannie May® Berries line, Mrs. Tura’s favorite treats. Receive: Blu-Rays (yes, I know we don’t sell them…maybe one day!) What is the most valuable thing you have learned about flowers and plants during your time here? Their incredible ability to make people smile, for any reason. What is your favorite thing about Valentine’s Day? One word: chocolate.
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