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Meet Natasha Zuluaga, Assistant Marketing Manager at Finestationery.com

What is your title and what do you do at finestationery.com?  I am the Assistant Marketing Manager at FineStationery.com. I cover many realms of our marketing, from handling all social media and blogging, to email marketing, affiliate marketing and flash sale site promotions. I started with the company as a social media intern in September 2012 and became a full time employee in May 2013. So around 15 months now. It’s hard to say what I like best. I really enjoy creating unique marketing campaigns in our social media and email channels, and staying updated with the current trends to always adapt to changing preferences of our customers and the ever-changing social media world. It keeps the job interesting and I never get bored with our projects.
When I was a kid I always wanted to try and catch Santa in the act!
Our Christmas motto is to “celebrate Christmas with a smile!” What about Christmas makes you smile? I think everyone is a little more cheerful around the holidays. Whether you love the decorations, the presents, the music, or the yummy treats, everyone can find something to celebrate. Being from a family of busy New Yorkers, I love being able to get my family together at one time every year to celebrate (and eat!) What is your favorite Christmas tradition to make for a truly traditional holiday?  Christmas morning after we have opened up all our gifts we have a big christmas brunch with mimosas, Colombian chocolaté (hot chocolate), Colombian arepas, pancakes, omelets, the works! My family will sit around for hours and talk and eat. It’s a great time to slow down and catch up on everyone’s lives and get in a few laughs too. 1800Flowers & FineStationery.com are all about holiday decorations. Tell us about your Christmas decorations. Coming from a family of four daughters, our tree is obviously decorated in shades of pink! Pink, burgundy, and purple ornaments with gold ribbons and a gold star. White lights on the tree and a candle in every window of the house too. Tell us your favorite Christmas story from Christmas pasts. When I was a kid I always wanted to try and catch Santa in the act. One year I got pretty crafty and devised a plan. I attached all my jump ropes into a lasso and tied bells to the loop and laid it in the bottom of our fireplace and lead the rope up to the second floor hallway. I also placed a gingerbread house with our family video camera next to the tree with the camera rolling. My plan was to stay up all night and when I heard the bells jingle quickly pull the rope to catch Santa! Unfortunately, I think I wore myself out setting up the whole scene that I fell asleep in the hallway. When I woke up on Christmas morning, I was left with an empty trap and a tape of nothing but a silent film of our tree. Although, I didn’t catch Santa that Christmas, he still left me some great gifts that year. Merry-Christmas-Card-Haute-Papier-117999 What is your favorite Christmas card from Finestationery.com card? Natasha Zuluaga Finestationery with Christmas Card I love FineStationery’s Merry Christmas Chevron Greeting Card with pink metallic foil. It’s so beautiful and will really stand out from the stack of cards with its unique design and shape. Haute Papier is a new brand for FineStationery, and I love all their chic and colorful designs.
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