Meet Phyllis Clark, Receptionist

Employee Spotlight Grandparent’s Day Edition

What is your title and what do you do at 1-800-Flowers? I am the Receptionist at and have been for 8 years. I LOVE my job as a representative of! I am the first face you meet. 1-800-Flowers’ main mission is to deliver smiles. What about being a grandparent makes you smile? What makes me smile is seeing my granddaughter smile back after I’ve said something to make her laugh. She is bonding with me now and getting a reaction is very heartwarming. At 1-800-Flowers we’re all about creating truly original arrangements. What makes your grandchild truly original?

My granddaughter is original because she is my first from my son. She is 3 months old and is starting to recognize me as well as her parents. Phyllis Clark, Receptionist

She is bonding with me now and getting a reaction is very heartwarming.
Tell us your favorite grandparent story. My favorite grandparent story is when my granddaughter met my mom, her great grandmother, for the first time. It was truly heartwarming and amazing to see the generations of family, as my sister and mom came all the way from Arizona. What is your favorite gift from 1-800-Flowers and why? My favorite gift was receiving all yellow flowers from Jim for the first time. He somehow remembered that yellow flowers are my favorite. Since this is our special Grandparents Day edition of the Employee Spotlight, what do you like most about Grandparents Day? I like Grandparents Day because it is my 1st one. That’s something very special to me, and now I understand the feeling it gives a person who is a grandparent. What is your favorite flower or plant and why? I don’t have a favorite flower, but it would be anything yellow.

Modern Embrace Yellow Rose Bouquet

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