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Meet Ted Nelson, Vice President of BloomNet

What is your title and what do you do at 1-800-Flowers? How long have you been with the company? What do you like best about your job? I’m the Vice President of BloomNet. I’ve been with the company for 15 years. I get to create, source and bring in new products. 1-800-Flowers’ main mission is to deliver smiles. What about being a Dad makes you smile? Watching my children grow up and seeing how truly unique and different they are from each other. At 1-800-Flowers we’re all about creating truly original arrangements. What makes your kid(s) truly original? Teddy is 11 and in 6th grade. He is very bright, excels in school and plays multiple sports such as basketball, lacrosse and baseball. Teddy also plays the trumpet in the school band and is very independent. Jesse is a 7-year-old 2nd grader who also does very well in school. Jesse plays football, baseball, basketball and his favorite sport is lacrosse. Jesse is pretty young for his grade level yet displays confidence and is very self-assured. Since this is our special Father’s Day edition of the Employee Spotlight, what do you like most about Father’s Day? To me every day is Father’s Day. One day a year isn’t enough. Being fortunate enough to be with my boys is my gift. What is your favorite Father’s Day gift from 1-800-Flowers and why? The Happy Hour Collection. It’s a truly unique product line and one that I was involved in from its origins. Watching this product line grow has been very rewarding and fun. Ted Nelson, VP of Bloomnet What about your dad means/meant the most to you? My Dad was a great guy. He was always there for me, taught me how to be a responsible adult and most importantly showed me how to do the right things in life. He led by example. Tell us your favorite dad story. When my older son Teddy was born, I handed him to my father in the hospital. As we all share the same first name (my Father is Junior, I’m the 3rd and my son is IV), it was one of the single most special times in our lives as the legacy lived on and was unbroken.
Being fortunate enough to be with my boys is my gift.
What is your favorite flower or plant and why? Orchids. They are majestic and are unlike any other flower or plant you come across. The number of varieties is also impressive. What is the most valuable thing you have learned about flowers and plants during your time here? Flowers make people smile. No matter the variety or color, give someone a flower and you get a smile.
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