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As you know, at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM we love to deliver smiles, which is why we wanted to share this smile-worthy story from one of our special franchise flower shops!

Lisa Sandoe, owner of 1-800-Flowers Woburn and 1-800-Flowers Melrose, shared a smile with us regarding her store manager, Tibby Lorentz, of the Melrose location.

About a year ago, a customer came in for flowers and asked Tibby if they had ever considered helping people with learning disabilities. After discussing the idea, Tibby agreed to give it a shot. This is how she met a young man named Jaylin.

Tibby describes him as a wonderful person who loves to come into the shop to help out for about an hour and a half once a week. Jaylin comes in with an aide and tackles a list of chores that they have ready for him. Over the past year, they have developed a great friendship. Not only is Tibby helping build strong community growth in her area, but programs such as these also help children and young adults with disabilities learn how to live and work in the world. Over the summer, Jaylin couldn’t wait to give Tibby her “gift” as he called it, which was an appreciation award from SEEM Prep in Wakefield, MA for helping the students. Tibby was totally taken by surprise and proudly shows off the award to anyone who comes into the shop.

This past Valentine’s Day, Tibby gave Jaylin a box of chocolate-covered strawberries as a thank you for all the help he gives in the store. He was so happy that he gave her a hug.

We would like to thank Tibby for the amazing work she is doing in her community, and for showing everyone why 1-800-Flowers Franchisees and their employees are part of a larger picture where Delivering Smiles is more than just a job.

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