12 Quick Ways to Survive the Stress This Holiday Season

12 Ways How to Survive the Holidays & Reduce Stress

With all the running around, shopping, wrapping and cooking the holidays bring, it’s enough to get Santa Claus himself down, not to mention you! Let 1-800-FLOWERS.COM® help you take the stress out of the season. We have 12 great valuable tips to not only survive, but also thrive this holiday season!
  1. Don’t miss out. Buy your holiday gifts early and score big savings. You’ll have the satisfaction of extra cash in your pocket, and you won’t panic if that big storm hits and you just can’t get to the mall.
  3. Go online and save time. is perhaps the most pain-free way to buy all of your holiday gifts on time—every time! You can always find presents for everyone on your list with just a point and a click. Go ahead, make Santa green with envy!
  5. Create your own cards. Sending holiday greetings is easy on the Web. Just choose your favorite online card store and download your family photo into a holiday card template. Within days, you’ll have your cards. If you’re really pressed for time and you don’t mind spending a little bit more, some companies even stamp, address and mail them out for you! If you look at the calendar and realize you missed out on writing your cards, take advantage of 1-800-FLOWERS.COM same-day delivery and send a bouquet to wish your loved ones happy holidays. You can even customize your own vase with a photo and a personal message, turning it into a truly original Christmas card!
  7. Figure out the finances! Don’t start the new year wondering how you’re going to pay for the holidays. Create a budget and stick to it. Sign up for money-saving programs like the 1-800-FLOWERS.COM Fresh Rewards and Passport programs, which help you earn bonus points toward future purchases and save money on shipping. Develop a list of those people you really care about that you want to exchange gifts with. Make it a meaningful Christmas and give to those who matter, not just those who expect a gift.
  9. Save by joining savings clubs. Many retailers offer free membership to their rewards clubs and often give you money-saving opportunities and more value than outlets or standalone stores, including coupons, exclusive discounts and points toward future purchases—all important options in these tough economic times. Sign up and start saving!
  11. Shop, compare and beware! Although the Internet butler named Jeeves has long since retired, search engines can help you find the lowest prices on products and be a real lifesaver. Ask.com (Jeeves’ former home), PriceGrabber.com and PriceWatch.com are just some of the sites that can help you get the best prices on gifts this holiday season. But smart shoppers beware! Don’t just grab discounts for saving’s sake. Make sure the company you’re buying from is one that believes in giving you true value for your dollar.
  13. Have a decorating party. There’s no need to struggle with the tree all alone. Make a night of it with small appetizers, fun holiday recipes and delightful desserts! Just put a holiday CD or DVD on and ask family and friends to decorate the night away with you. So what if it the tree isn’t pristinely perfect? It will definitely be unique!
  15. That’s a wrap. For those last-minute gifts, buy gift bags and tissue paper in a number of sizes and colors so you always have them on hand. If someone stops by unexpected, just slip something inside the bag and you’re ready to gift! Don’t forget to also buy gift wrap on sale and keep extra at the ready for those oversized gifts.
  17. Make a new plan, Stan. If you have to mail gifts or buy stamps, don’t head over to the post office at noon. Go early, or late, when the crowds are at their thinnest. Or, for all you early birds and night owls, find a post office that’s open 24 hours a day.
  19. Give them their just desserts! Do you spend your entire holiday season baking cookies and shipping them to friends? Free up some time by ordering your cookies and desserts online. Remember, it’s the thought that counts. (And your sanity counts too.)
  21. Takeout dining is your friend. Can’t remember the last time you mingled with guests because you’ve spent the past 10 years cooking the perfect turkey? Find a caterer that’s got a special holiday menu, and get ready to join in on the fun or check out the menus and offerings online. You may even find discounts on catering, making it a more cost-effective option than cooking your own meal. Who wouldn’t want to open the door and find a precooked turkey with all the trimmings waiting?
  23. Relax and rejoice. Worried those relatives will drive you crazy again this year? Just remember, every person is special deep down inside. Some just take a little more patience to deal with than others! See the beauty in that person you love, because like Linus van Pelt said in that classic Christmas special A Charlie Brown Christmas, “That’s what Christmas is really all about, Charlie Brown.”
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