Delivering Smiles to Friends of Freeport

On Saturday, July 27th, the Smile Squad headed to Freeport, NY to deliver smiles by joining forces with the Friends of Freeport green thumb crew.

Friends of Freeport is a not-for-profit organization which includes individuals who have close ties to the incorporated Village of Freeport. They have come together as a result of Hurricane Sandy to help in any way they can with personal recovery. They are committed to getting people back into their homes and to help them continue their lives after Sandy. They are on a mission to make a difference in people’s lives and move the community forward. They are truly a group of people that make a difference.

The team of employees from, led by Laura Nargentino, showed their gratitude to the group by lending a hand in the garden with some new green and flowering plants. Each team member was given some gardening gear as a way to say thanks. Everyone was so appreciative of one another and it was a truly beautiful day.

The Friends of Freeport Team also participated in a charity event later that day called KYLE Fest (// For this event, the Smile Squad supplied gift baskets for their raffle to help raise money. Thanks to all our friends at 1800Baskets and Cheryl’s for helping the 1800-Flowers Team brighten someone’s day!

“As a former resident of the Village of Freeport, it was an honor to assist this awesome group of volunteers as they rebuilt homes & landscapes,” said Smile Team member Monica Johnson. “Sandy devastated so much of this beautiful community, and to see neighbor helping neighbor was overwhelming. I can certainly say that we delivered ‘smiles,’ as they were very excited to have us there!”

It seems the Friends of Freeport would agree, as they posted the following on their Facebook page:

“The Friends of Freeport had a busy day on Overton St. on Saturday. Helping us at this location was a team from Not only did they provide us with able backs, they also provided the homeowner plants that were planted by all. They also donated items for KYLE Fest to help support that worthwhile cause.”

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