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Gifts For Every Type of Valentine

When shopping for Valentine’s, it’s important to choose a gift that’s just right. After all, you wouldn’t send the same gift to your sweetheart as you would to your grandmother! Here are some suggestions to make Valentine’s gift-giving a little easier.


abundant-love-premium-long-stem-rosesGUYS: Whether she’s your new love or true love, she might expect one dozen roses on Valentine’s—but when you send two dozen roses, she’ll be the envy of the office! If your Valentine is hard to impress, surprise her with a luxury bouquet of flowers or a collectible keepsake. Looking to wow your long-time crush and convince her to give you a chance? Send a decadent box of mouthwatering chocolates with a card that reads, “Can I sweet talk you into a date?” She’ll find it hard to say no when you’ve given her the gift of decadence! heart-shaped-brownie-cakesLADIES: He’s a trendsetter, a go-getter, that special guy in your life. What can you get him that’s fun and flirty but fits his personality perfectly? Serve up a fresh selection from our popular Happy Hour collection and you’re guaranteed to cause a stir! And remember how Mom always said the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? Delight him with a delicious selection of Cakes & Cookies and you’re sure to get to the heart of the matter quickly.

imperial-cherry-blossom-spa-gift-basketSOMETHING FOR THE GIRLS

For all the guys out there, Mom is the first girl you ever picked flowers for—and will always be your #1 Valentine! A gorgeous plant reminds her every day that your love continues to grow. And for you ladies, there’s nothing like a sister, aunt or grandmother to pick you up when you’re down. Why not send a stunning bouquet modeled after their favorite cocktail to make them smile, or a Spa Basket to help them relax!


Dad, your brothers, uncles and cousins deserve some love too, so surprise them all with wow-worthy Gift Baskets and Gourmet Foods that will have them asking for seconds!


Best friends are always there for you. Say thanks and let them know you’re thinking of them with a cute & cuddly gift, like our Teddy Bears or yummy Chocolates & Candy.


my-pet-plants-dog-or-catWhether you’re a cat fanatic or a dog lover, you know that your playful pet deserves just as much love as the other members of your family. Did you know that pets love plants, too? While there are many plants that are toxic for your pet both cats and dogs have been known to have an affinity to catnip Our Pet Plant gift  comes with an adorable, reusable planter perfect for growing your own pet-friendly herbs! Your Valentine is special! Treat them that way with gifts chosen just for them!
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