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Ideas on How to Reuse and Upcycle Your Mother’s Day Vase

Mom absolutely loved her flowers, but once they fade, what should she do with the glass vase or decorative basket the flowers arrived in? Vases can be reused for so many different purposes and add an unforgettable decorative touch anywhere in the home. Make your gift really stand out by suggesting a few of these ideas to Mom:

Easy Decorating with Marbles

Fill a vase with clear marbles or glass beads and arrange them with silk flowers for a stunning effect!

A Vase That Lights up the Room

Vases make great candle holders. Simply place a pillar inside the vase or tuck it inside pebbles to secure the candle.

Cute DIY Kitchen Décor

Looking for a great kitchen accent? Simply fill the vase with something colorful such as lemons and limes or colorful beads. Place one eye-catching piece as a focal point or several simpler arrangements throughout for a more subtle effect.

2013-07-15-biggs_beach_bridal_shower_diy_centerpiece-4Instant Beach-in-a-Bottle

Fill two vases with sand, then add seashells and dried sea stars; now you have two impressive conversation pieces or decorative bookends.

DIY Work Space Organizers

Slim vases can be used as pencil holders. Rectangular vases can be used to store items like erasers, clips or even index cards. For a creative work centerpiece, fill a rectangular vase with erasers in assorted shapes and colors—a great way to liven up the desk space!

Upcycled Ideas for Baskets:

Treat the Family

Display snacks and treats in your empty baskets for a delicious decorative accent. Place it in the middle of the counter or table so the kids can grab their favorite after-school snack in a snap.

DIY Organization

Store extra office supplies in baskets for easy access and aesthetic appeal. Create easy basket labels with index cards, ribbon and a hole puncher. Simply punch a hole through the labeled index card and slide a piece of ribbon through. Then, hang around the handle of the basket and tie a secure knot.

A Place to Store Memories

Store photos, collectibles and your favorite magazines. If showcasing in a public space such as living rooms or the hallway, add an elegant touch by attaching a simple ribbon or flower to the basket.

Pay the Love Forward

Reuse your basket to put together a whole new basket for a special someone. Baskets make great unique gift boxes and make for a beautiful presentation!
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