What to Say or Give Someone Mourning a Pet

Pet Sympathy Flowers, All Dogs Go to Heaven

Losing a close companion and friend is a heartrending experience. Pets are no exception, and the loss of a furry friend can be as devastating as any other bereavement.

Show how much you care about a friend’s loss, and offer them the support they need during this difficult time. Make a special point to call with your condolences or visit your friend at home, just as you would anyone mourning the death of a loved one.

What to Say to Someone Mourning a Pet

Words of sympathy are hard to express. You want to be supportive without adding to the grief the person feels. A simple, “I’m so sorry for your loss,” is enough to let your friend know how you feel.

However, many people like to talk about their pet, remembering the things they have done and the places they enjoyed. Engage them with memories of their pet’s life, allowing them to relive happier moments.

Send a Floral or Plant Tribute

A gift of flowers or a live plant is a thoughtful and appreciated remembrance. Bring a small bouquet of their favorite flowers, complete with vase and gift card, when you visit to give your condolences.

If the pet will be buried on your friend’s property, you may want to consider bringing a live, perennial plant to be placed near the grave. A small rosebush or other permanent plant will be a lasting tribute and reminder that will be appreciated for years.

Give A Gift To Keep The Memory Alive

Other lasting gifts include personalized plaques, framed photographs or a painting or drawing of your friend’s pet. These items are particularly appropriate if your friend does not have a burial site for the pet, or if they do not live nearby.

A small wall plaque, paperweight or frame is a thoughtful gift that can be displayed and be a comforting reminder.

If you have a photo of your friend and their pet, have it reproduced and framed for a lasting memento. Mounting and framing a photo can be done easily, and with a wide variety of styles and colors, you can choose one to accent your friend’s décor.

Another personal project could be a collage or montage of photos of your friend and their pet, during various periods of their time together. This special collection could include holidays, quiet times, candid shots and other pictures you may be able to acquire from other friends and family members.

Making a special point of spending time with your friend during their time of loss is just as important as the gift, the words or the sympathy card. Your concern and support is most needed, and the small token will be a lasting reminder of how much you care.

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