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Flower Seed Bombs
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Flower Seed Bombs

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A set of 3 packages of seed bombs. One organic wildflower, one organic mammoth sunflower and one milkweed. Seed Bombs can be started indoors two weeks prior to the last frost then transplanted outdoors. Or can be directly placed on top of soil after the last frost. They prefer full sun and should be watered daily until established. Recommended spacing for each seed bomb is 1 ft.

  • Six seed bombs per recyclable clam shell
  • Each seed bomb measures approximately 1.25 inches
  • Clam shell measures 4.5x3.5x1.5 inches
  • handmade pollinator wildflower paper is wrapped around each clam shell and tied with a jute bow Each seed bomb is made with post-consumer paper and hand-selected, high-quality, non-GMO seeds. The seeds are protected by the paper and only need to be placed on top of soil, not covered by soil. As the seeds germinate, the paper will biodegrade as the roots grow down into the soil. Each package will comes with directions.
  • They are easy to grow * Drought tolerant once established * Wildlife and humans alike enjoy snacking on their delicious seeds
  • A great friend to our planets pollinators
  • Seeds are easy to harvest and save for future planting
  • These seed bombs can be used for guerrilla gardening purposes or to add some extra beauty to your home garden. These seeds were specifically chosen for their resiliency and make a perfect gift for those with a green thumb or not! Happy Gardening!

These seed bombs can be used to add some extra beauty to your home garden and make a perfect gift for those with a green thumb or not! Happy Gardening!

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