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Kohler Chocolate Cranberry Terrapins
Product Code: 163860

Kohler Chocolate Cranberry Terrapins

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Kohler presents a beautiful and tasteful holiday version of their famous Terrapin Chocolates. This festive and sophisticated treat lovingly combines crunchy peanuts, flavorful cranberries, buttery raspberry caramel and creamy white chocolate for a truly memorable chocolate piece. Perfect for any holiday party or hoard these divine delights for yourself!

    Kohler Original Recipe Chocolates began in 2003 at the world renowned Kohler American Club® Resort. Herb Kohler, Kohler Co. Executive Chairman, believed the world deserved something better than a run-of-the-mill turtle and worked with the famous Chefs of The American Club® to develop the premium quality Terrapin that met his demanding requirements for limitless opportunity in taste and texture while honoring a single level of quality and a definitive chocolate experience.

    • 7.62 oz Cranberry Terrapin Chocolates 9 Piece Box
    • Gift measures 6.25"L x 6.25"W X 1.25"H