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Rainbow Wildflower Seed Bombs

Rainbow Wildflower Seed Bombs

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Product Details

: 1027-P-MK000639

A blend of organic seed specifically for attracting and feeding our pollinator friends! Bees, butterflies, beneficial bugs and birds! Including: Mammoth Dill Dwarf Mardi Gras Blend Sunflower Polka Dot Bachelor Button Red Giant Mustard Greens Sensation Blend Cosmos Common Buckwheat Phacelia. Each seed bomb is made with post-consumer paper and hand-selected, high-quality, organic, non-GMO seeds. The seeds are protected by the paper and only need to be placed on top of soil, not covered by soil. As the seeds germinate, the paper will biodegrade as the roots grow down into the soil. These Organic Seed Bombs can be started indoors two weeks prior to the last frost then transplanted outdoors. Or can be directly placed on top of soil after the last frost. They enjoy full sun to part shade and should be watered daily until established. Recommended spacing for each seed bomb is 1ft.! Seed bombs can be used for guerrilla gardening purposes or to add some extra beauty to your home garden. These seeds were specifically chosen for their resiliency and therefore make a perfect gift for those with a green thumb or not! Happy Gardening!! And, please bomb responsibly!!!

Each package will come with full directions and seed content. Black and White washi tapes seals the clamshell closed, but may differ in pattern.

  • Each seed bomb measures approximately 1.25 inches
  • Clamshell measures 5x4.5x1.5 inches
  • Six seed bombs per recyclable clamshell

A blend of organic seed specifically for attracting...

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