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Lovable Pup
Product Code: 157010

EXCLUSIVE Cute, cuddly and ready to deliver smiles to Valentines of all ages, our golden plush pup sure is lovable. Sporting an adorable heart patch around his eye and a festive heart pattern bandana, he arrives with a charming mini red rose plant in a tin that matches his bandana. 

  • Exclusive golden plush pup has a heart patch around his eye and comes with a red bandana with white hearts; safe for ages 3+; measures 7"H x 10"L
  • Paired with a 2.5”H mini red rose plant; arrives in bud form and ready to bloom
  • Arrives in a reusable, red tin planter with white heart pattern; measures 2"H x 3.25"D
  • Once the blooms expire, you can plant your perennial outside; with continued care, it will flourish every year