1800Flowers and Justin Bieber Deliver Smiles to a Devoted Fan

Recently, the 1-800-Flowers.com team was honored and touched to be part of a very special Summer of a Million Smiles event, with the help of pop star Justin Bieber.

While traveling in Nashville last November for Thanksgiving, the Nevil family of Arlington, TX was involved in a car accident with an alleged drunk driver. The mom, Kathryn (Katy) Nevil was killed instantly and the daughter, Lauren, was left gravely injured. Lauren spent over 100 days in the hospital, and a Facebook page was created to tell about her story, her recovery and all the wonderful people that have supported her.

While Lauren was in a coma, Justin Bieber music was playing in her room constantly. Soon after coming out of the coma, while working with her therapist, Lauren spoke or should we say sang to Justin’s songs. Her story was all over the media in Nashville and Dallas, and it was brought to the attention of 1-800-Flowers.com employee Lisa Hendrikson by two close friends—one of whom is a dancer who worked with Lauren’s dance school in Texas—that were both aware we work closely with Justin.

Lisa explains further, “I learned of Lauren’s story in early February and we surprised Lauren with flowers and a video message from Justin as he was on tour out of the country. Justin’s team told me that they would try to meet her when he came back through the States. The Dallas show of Justin’s Believe Tour was on July 3rd and he agreed to meet her before the show. We were able to get Lauren, her dad and her friends VIP tickets, and Justin set aside time before his fan event to speak to Lauren personally. He was so honored to meet her, and as soon as he did, he hugged her, spoke to her, gave her flowers and even kissed her.”

In addition to meeting Justin, her favorite singer, Lauren also received a beautiful bouquet of purple roses from him, something we were glad to help with during this incredible day. “Justin had us all in tears because Lauren was so happy”, Lisa concludes. “The fact that he could bring a smile to this girl’s face and make one night perfect for her was so amazing.”

We would like to thank Justin and his team for helping deliver a smile to this brave young girl, and we wish Lauren all the best on her continued recovery.

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