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Flowers for Men

If you are a part of a couple and your significant other is a man, there are a few reasons why you should consider buying flowers for him. Shop the 1-800-Flowers Flowers for Men collection.

  1. Flowers For Men

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Flowers for Men | Five Reasons to Buy Flowers for Him

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’re sure most of the men are thinking about what to buy their significant other. From flowers to jewelry and candy – there are so many options for gifts for valentine’s day. But, why is it that the focus is always on buying gifts for the women? For instance, why can’t we buy flowers for men? If you are a part of a couple and your significant other is a man, there are a few reasons why you should consider buying flowers for him. Read more to find out why it’s ok to buy flowers for your boyfriend:

  1. Flowers are a symbol of love…and love is universal. Love doesn’t discriminate based on your gender. A man can love his significant other just as much as a woman can love her significant other. If you want to send a gift of love for Valentine’s Day, or any other holiday, or for no reason at all – flowers for men will do the trick. They say ‘I love you.’ They say ‘I’m thinking of you.’ They say ‘I care.’ If you want to get any of these messages across to your man, then consider sending Valentine’s Day flowers for him.

  2. It’s not just for Valentine’s Day…you can send flowers for any occasion. Flowers are one of those things that can be sent for multiple reasons. Not only do they symbolize love, they also represent other things. For example, daisies represent loyalty, Alstroemeria represent friendship, and Bamboo is actually good luck! Whatever the occasion, if you have something important to say, say it by sending flowers for men to a special guy in your life.

  3. Flowers make a statement…when you walk into a room, one of the first things you notice is the décor, and that includes a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Even if you’re a man, you typically like to get the praise from your friends and family about how great your home or office looks. So, why not get your boyfriend flowers this Valentine’s Day? Put them on display in his apartment or house, and show people how much you care about him.

  4. Return the gesture…it’s almost always assumed that the man will buy flowers for his significant other on Valentine’s Day or other major holidays, so why not pay attention to what he likes and return the favor? It might feel just as good for him to receive the flowers as it does for him to give them. It’s a nice change of pace – especially if the man is usually the one doing the giving. Don’t we all like to feel appreciated by those we love?

  5. Brighten his day…receiving a bright bouquet of flowers can brighten anyone’s day – even a man’s. Take some time to pick out the best and the brightest, the boldest vase, the most unique bouquet for men – anything goes, especially when you’re buying flowers for your boyfriend. He’ll love whatever you get him! So, if he’s in a funk or having a bad week, consider sending flowers to him.

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, so you don’t have much time left to decide. Why not buy your boyfriend some flowers for a change? These were five great reasons to buy flowers for him, and we’re sure there are even more reasons too! Let us know how he liked his flowers by leaving a comment here or sharing a picture of your flower arrangement with #MadeMeSmile.

  1. Flowers For Men