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Scrub-z - Scrub Pad
Product Code: MK005038
Scrub-z - Scrub Pad

Scrub-z - Scrub Pad

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Set of 2 scrub pads, the size of an average sponge with a hanging loop. These are great for those transitioning from sponges to scrub cloths. They provide an easy scrub and a hygienic alternative to sponges because they machine wash/dry to refresh and last for a very long time. 

  • Size: 6 inches by 4 inches 
  • Hand knit by Fair Trade Federation Members since 2008 
  • Scrub without scratching, including counter tops, dishes, stainless steel, bathrooms and more 
  • Tough cleaning and long lasting 
  • Machine wash/dryer 
  • Compostable and recycle as potting mesh

Hand Knit out of Certified 100% Organic Cotton Scrub Pad with hanging loop.  Reusable, Machine wash/dry to refresh

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