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Fire Up the Grill

Make Sure Your BBQ Goes Off Without a Hitch

Nothing signifies summer better than having friends and family gather outside, firing up your long­awaited grill and throwing on your favorite hamburgers, hot dogs and steaks. While your loved ones mingle outside and enjoy the aroma of flaming charcoal and cooking meat, it's important to make sure the grillmaster is on the top of his or her game. To ensure your favorite foods come out perfectly each time, follow these must­know tips:

Check the Heat

Not everything needs to be cooked on the highest flame. If you are cooking a well-done burger, turn the heat down. Slower cooking allows for the meat to cook without creating an over charred burger crust.

Good vs. Bad Flare-ups

Grilling anything with a fat cap or marbling will cause the fat to drip and create a good flare up that results in a great tasting cut of meat. However, drips from BBQ sauce, oily or sugary marinades will cause bad flare ups, and spoil the taste of your foods.

Check the Gas

If you are hosting a big party, buy an extra tank of propane. There is nothing worse than getting halfway through the grilling to find that your gas has run out.

Know Your Temperatures

Serving undercooked meat can only lead to disaster. Invest in a cooking thermometer, and check the temperature before you serve.

Serve it Fresh

Keep hot foods hot by placing them on the cooler side of the grill until you are ready to serve, and cold foods on ice or in the fridge until they are ready to be devoured.

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