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When saying Get Well isn't good enough


What can you say to comfort someone struggling with an illness and saying "Get Well" is just not enough or even appropriate? You can say, "I'm here for you," and let them talk. Just lean in and listen. Assure them that you believe in them, you are there to help them, and that they can count on you. A simple "I love you and I know this is hard" is also perfectly appropriate and appreciated.

I have a group of friends I've had since childhood. We've been close for 35 years. A few years back, one of "The Squad" was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer." Her friends circled the wagon and made sure she was never alone, never without comfort, a hand to hold, a meal. Laundry was done and her house was clean. While she struggled through chemo and surgery, her friends made sure everything else was taken care of. That's what friends do. Today she is cancer free and still surrounded by her squad!

When "Get Well" is not enough...what do you do?

Lia Knight is the host of The Lia Show, airing on radio stations nationwide. The Lia Show includes top country hits, interviews with major country stars, and callers ranging on topics from Health, Military, and Love.