February may be associated with Valentine’s Day, but those born in the second month of the year know it’s not all about candy hearts and roses! The name “February” originates from the latin word “februum”, meaning purification; a perfect description of the winter month that cleanses the earth of last year as we make our way into the regrowth of Spring. Those born in February share a birth month with the likes of some of the greatest men and women in history including George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Rosa Parks. It is also the shortest month of the year, making those born during those 28-29 days all that more special.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift February birthday gift, take inspiration from their interests as well as the month and season. Here are some fun facts and history to help you pick the perfect gift for your recipient.

Purple roses and flowers close-up

February Birthday Fun Facts

February Birthstone: Amethyst

This beautiful stone can be found in varying shades of pink and purple, and is the official birth stone for those born in February. The Ancient Greeks and Romans believed this semiprecious stone helped ward away intoxication, wearing it while indulging in alcohol as well as using it to create drinking vessels. In fact, the name Amethyst is derived from the Ancient Greek words “a” meaning not and “methustos” meaning intoxicated.

February Birthstone- The Amethyst

February Birth Flower: Violet

You may be shocked to learn the birth flower of the month isn’t the rose, in fact, it’s the Violet! Bold in color and unique in shape, the Violet flower is not only beautiful but also has dozens of uses beyond simply satisfying our sense of sight. Certain species of wildlife like to nibble on both the violet plant and its seeds, while chefs have used this beautiful bloom in recipes from salads to syrup. Ancient Greeks valued the medicinal properties of this plant, creating worn items out of violets to help prevent headaches, and sometimes using them to create love potions! Even the scent of this flower is unforgettable – one whiff and you’re likely to fall under its spell.

February Zodiac Signs: Aquarius and Pisces

February houses the last two of the twelve signs of the zodiac – Aquarius (January 20-February 18) and Pisces (February 19-March 20th). Those born under Aquarius the Water Carrier, are hard working, independent, and determined. They will go on their own path rather than following a crowd, and search for the answers they seek diligently and creatively, making the perfect gift for an Aquarius a unique item or idea that would help boost their productivity. Those born under Pisces the Fish put a great value on family and are thought to be reserved but thoughtful, with a great strength in creativity.

February Birthday Gift Ideas:

If February had a designated color, it would be purple. Both the birth flower and birth stone of the month are varying shades of this pretty-yet-sophisticated color, so when planning a birthday party or picking out the perfect present, make it purple!

If your special someone falls under the Pisces umbrella, indulge their creative side while treating them to the scent of beautiful fresh flowers. A bouquet of wow-worthy Kaleidoscope Roses is sure to add a burst of color and cheer to their birthday celebration!

Kaleidoscope Rose Arrangement with Purple Vase

Pretty purple flowers represent the unique highlights of this special month – this blooming bouquet is filled with sweet scented flowers in the brightest of hues.

Shades of Purple Flowers Arrangement

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