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Candy Corn Kid-Friendly Halloween Crafts

October 28, 2020

In an earlier post I created this fabulous Candy Corn centerpiece.

For that centerpiece I used fresh carnations in shades orange, yellow, and white.

This time I did a kid friendly and inexpensive version using tissue paper flowers!

Can you believe how much the tissue paper flower look like a real carnation?!

And they are so easy to make!  Again, this is the basic steps, but you can scale up or down and as always add your own creativity to it and see what happens!

3” Tissue Paper Flower How To:

Layer four pieces of 8.5 x 11 piece of tissue paper and fold in thirds.

Cut on fold marks.

Starting at the bottom of one section start folding like an accordion.

Flip over and make another fold.

Keep folding in the opposite direction.

Until you get to the end.

Put a staple in the middle of the folded tissue.

Fan out each side.

Start on one side and separate the individual pieces of tissue, pulling the paper up towards the center.

Continue until you have separated all of the sheets of tissue paper.

It’s not just the cardboard from our home deliveries that can be recycled.  I used the Styrofoam lining from one of the boxes to create the base for the oversized candy corn display.  I loved the fact that it had a built in “stand” on the back!

A small dab of adhesive on the back of each flower makes it super easy to attach each individual flower to the Styrofoam base.  You can use glue dots, glue gun, double sided tape, etc.

I hope these simple kid friendly Halloween decorations using recycled materials inspired you to create something too.  Remember do just have fun with it!

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