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Purple Flowers and Gifts

Satisfy their passion for purple with a curated collection of purple flowers & gifts. Rich in beauty & symbolism, this ever-popular hue is sure to enchant in every way.

  1. Purple Flowers and Gifts

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##Purple Flowers## ##Purple Roses## Between the admiration conveyed by purple flowers and the adoration ascribed to roses, you'll find that purple roses are the very best gift for that special someone in your life. If you want to give a gift that convey how much you value your significant other, purple roses not only show that you put your loved one on a pedestal, but they also fill a room with eye-catching color and beguiling aroma that lasts for days.

##Purple Hydrangeas## The electric blues and purples of hydrangeas are nothing if not visually arresting, and the round clusters of blooms do all the work for you by creating a perfect floral arrangement. If you're looking for a floral bouquet with all-in-one capabilities, purple hydrangeas are practically made to order.

##Purple Orchids## Delicate, graceful orchids come in many shades, but the purple hues are some of the most vibrant violets, magical magentas, and alluring amethysts found in nature. If you want to arrest the senses with a proclamation of admiration, purple orchids will relay your message.

##Purple Flower FAQ## ##When is it appropriate to give purple flowers?## Purple flowers are often given as a sign of accomplishment or admiration, which makes them the perfect gift for anyone that has reached a goal or is undergoing a major life change. Since purple blooms are also tied to wealth, you can't go wrong giving them to someone who has just graduated, gotten a new job, a promotion, or a raise, or hit another professional milestone in life. You can also give them to anyone who loves the color purple, at any time!

##Do purple roses stand for love?## Generally speaking, roses are considered a bloom that signifies love. However, the shade of rose determines the particular sentiment. Purple blooms are connected to admiration and elegance, which makes them a wonderful gift for a significant other that has already received scads of red roses.

##The Meaning of Purple Flowers## Rich, saturated purple has long been the color most closely associated with royalty, which is perhaps why flowers in the noble color purple are often used to symbolize pride, accomplishment, and rarity. Purple flowers are also a sign of deep admiration. While vibrant, saturated shades of purple can denote wealth and elegance, lavender hues are considered especially symbolic of rare beauty and perfection.

##Bushes, Shrubs & Plants with Purple Flowers## ##Purple Lilac bushes## There are few bushes more recognized for their floral adornment than the lilac, which is not only named for the signature flower it produces but one month a year, but also for the distinctive color of classic blooms. Lilacs come in shades of purple that range from pale to dark plum, and their fragrant aroma will certainly appeal to anyone who loves a sweet, floral perfume.

##Lavender Plants## When it comes to purple flowers, you'll find no shortage of blooms that are named for the color associated with them, or vice versa. Lavender not only delivers the classic scent that has become the stuff of legend in French soaps, perfumes, and even desserts, but also the dainty, purple-gray blooms that wave in the breeze, wafting a calming scent.

##Types of Purple Flowers## Purple flowers may not have the intoxicating scent of a rose or the exotic, alien grace of an orchid, but they're sure to please anyone who loves a gorgeous flower arrangement. In addition to popular favorites like roses, orchids, and hydrangeas, you'll find that there are several classic purple blooms of note including:

##Violets## Yet another bloom that shares a name with a purple hue, violets are sweet and dainty flowers that can add a pop of color and a dose of charm to any room. Cultivated by the ancient Greeks as early as 500BC (or before), these blooms are used not only for decoration, but also for recipes and herbal remedies alike.

##Irises## The name of this flower may not denote a color, as with lilacs or lavender, but the royal purple shade with a distinctive yellow stripe on the petal is the most commonly associated with this ethereal bloom. For a gift as majestic and rare as the special person in your life, irises are a uniquely stunning way to show your heartfelt admiration.

  1. Purple Flowers and Gifts