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Yellow Flowers and Gifts

Sunny, happy, cheerful-that sums up the color yellow! Whether it's sunflowers, yellow roses, daisies or lilies, you can bet you'll brighten their day when you send one of our truly original yellow flower arrangements. Send the gift of cheer with yellow flowers.

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##Yellow Flowers## Whether you’re looking for the perfect yellow roses appropriate for a family member, you want to wish a friend Happy Birthday or congratulations, or you’ve noticed a coworker is down and you want to inject some cheer into his or her day, yellow blooms are the best way to show your friendship and let someone know you’re thinking about them. Don’t forget to send yellow flowers with same-day delivery to ensure they arrive at the peak of freshness.

##Yellow Flower FAQ## ##When is it appropriate to give yellow flowers?## You’ll find that certain shades of flowers are appropriate to send at different times. When it comes to yellow blooms, however, all bets are off. This cheerful shade is appropriate for nearly any occasion, whether you’re congratulating a recent grad or a couple that’s expecting, you want to cheer up a friend that is ailing or mourning a loss, or you’re simply looking to brighten someone’s day with a special representation of your feelings of friendship. It’s hard to imagine any scenario where yellow flowers aren’t the perfect gift.

##What are the most popular yellow flowers?## The sunny, happy association with yellow flowers makes them a great choice for cheering recipients or simply brightening someone’s day, but which yellow flowers are the most popular? Yellow roses are an obvious choice, not only because of connotations of friendship, but also their wonderful fragrance. You can also send popular blooms like bright yellow daffodils or tulips in spring, sunflowers in the fall, and daisies, daylilies, and chrysanthemums year-round.

##Bushes, Shrubs, and Plants with Yellow Flowers## Yellow Azaleas: For versatility, yellow azaleas are second to none. They come in dozens of shades, they can be deciduous or evergreen, and there are species that flourish in nearly every planting zone in America. With softly curled petals, prominent stamens, and delectable fragrances, the delightful, golden blooms of azaleas are sure to turn heads.

Yellow Honeysuckle: The sweet scent of yellow honeysuckle is sure to bring bees buzzing and hummingbirds flitting among the flowers all summer long. In the meantime, you, too can enjoy the syrupy fragrance, as well as the buttery blossoms.

##The Meaning of Yellow Flowers## Yellow flowers embody all the best aspects of this fun and sunny shade, eliciting feelings of happiness and cheer. The symbolism of yellow blooms can vary from one flower to the next, but yellow flowers are traditionally considered to mean friendship and joy. Because this friendly flower is so all-encompassing, it really can be given for occasions ranging from congratulatory to sympathetic. As long as you’re trying to send a message of warmth and friendship, yellow flowers fit the bill.

##Types of Yellow Flowers## ##Sunflowers## Is there any flower better suited to the summery shade of yellow than this sun-worshipping blossom? Sunflowers are among the most recognized golden blooms in the yellow flower family because of their massive size and the fact that they thrive in all 50 states. If you want to send a yellow flower that makes a bold statement, you can’t go wrong with the eye-catching sunflower.

##Yellow Daisies## These simple blooms may not deliver the same prestige as a bouquet of roses, but the wide-open faces of both regular and Gerber daisies invoke a feeling of acceptance and friendly sentiment that are enough to make anyone smile. Whether you’re filling out a bouquet with myriad blooms or you want a flower that can stand alone, daisies are a great way to send a sunny reminder of heartfelt friendship and joy.

##Yellow Chrysanthemums## This versatile flower comes in dozens of shades, including yellows that range from deep golds to pale lemons. The rounded poms are pure perfection, while more open-faced, multilayered blooms are more like a fireworks explosion in floral form. Mums are fantastic on their own, but can also be paired with a variety of other blooms to add texture and visual interest to any bouquet.

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