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Zodiac Plants Picked by Sanctuary World | 1800Flowers


Perfect Plants for your Zodiac Sign

Aries bold personality aligns with the Glass Succulent Terrarium because it is different from the rest. With succulents what you see is what you get, which is what you strive for in your own life.

Libras are focused on balance and harmony, making the Air Plant Hanging Glass DIY Terrarium perfect for them as they can create and balance their own creation. Plus, because they mostly thrive on air, these plants are effortless to take care of.

Taurus appreciate beauty and enjoy the predictability of life. The Peace Lily embodies both these traits as it has both attractive foliage and stunning flowers. The Peace Lily is also dependable and stable, thriving even when they are not in ideal conditions.

Scorpio can be seen as intimidating, mysterious, and they like to keep to themselves. With the Marble Queen Pothos long trailing leaves with beautiful white variegation this plant can look intimidating to some, but this plant is quite easy to care for.

Gemini are versatile; they thrive in all situations just like the Snake Plant. They will adapt to whatever comes their way. As someone comfortable with changing things up and incredibly flexible when it comes to your own life, you can appreciate this plant’s eager versatility and ability to move from place to place in the home.

Sagittarius because of their adaptability, slightly reckless behavior, and statement-making personality, they need a plant which is easy to take care of and a great beginner plant which makes the majesty palms perfect for them. Their generous size and leaves make them stand out next to more traditional house plants. They are extroverted just like their sign!

Cancers are compassionate and sensitive and enjoy going out of their way to take care of others. The aloe Vera Plant can be used to help heal burns connecting with your need to help assist others.

Capricorns are traditional, stubborn, and value challenging work. The Juniper Bonsai Tree is perfect for them. These plants look simple from the outside, but they require a considerable amount of dedication. For Capricorns who pay great attention to detail and are willing to give this plant the time it deserves you will no doubt be successful.

Leos like to make a statement, they have a colorful personality, and know how to capture the attention of any room they are in. Orchids are showstoppers and stand apart from any other house plant.

Aquarius are easygoing and free spirited, and the Money tree grove perfectly complements that. In addition, what is better than a plant that brings both good fortune and prosperity. This plant is also resilient and can easily bounce back from neglect.

Virgo are known for being kind, gentle and supportive, much like the maiden hair fern with its lush leaves which also help purify the air around them.

Pisces tend to have a daydreamy and childlike enthusiasm associated with them. Pisces are also incredibly selfless and a go-with-the-flow type of person. The Red Maranta Prayer plant is a conversation started as people are in awe of them.

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