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White & Yellow Funeral Flowers

Deliver a fitting tribute to a life well lived with beautiful white & yellow funeral flowers.

  1. White & Yellow Sympathy and Funeral Flowers

##Yellow Funeral Flowers## Yellow funeral flowers can bring a sense of cheer to those beset by sorrow, allowing them to recall the joy that the deceased brought to their lives. The loss of a loved one triggers a time of mourning for those left behind, and the days and weeks that follow may be understandably bleak. When planning a funeral or sending flowers to family members and friends, it's normal to lean toward traditional, white blooms. However, this colorless tribute may not seem adequate to celebrate the life of the unique individual that is absent. By blending yellow and white funeral flowers, you have the opportunity to preserve decorum while providing an uplifting anthem of color to soothe the souls of those left behind.

It's not always easy to honor a person that is no longer with us, but celebrating their life and remembering the good times is a fitting tribute to the love and loss felt by remaining family and friends. If you plan to pair white and yellow blooms at a funeral service or send white and yellow sympathy flowers, there are several options to consider.

Roses - in life, yellow roses symbolize friendship, and in death they can give you the opportunity to convey the strong ties you still feel for the family member or friend you lost Lilies - the grandeur of these elegant blooms can express the deep regard you felt for your lost loved one while adding the elements of grace and cheer to an otherwise somber event Tulips and Daffodils - these sunny, springtime blooms represent new beginnings and bring hope and courage to those mourning the loss of a loved one

  1. White & Yellow Sympathy and Funeral Flowers