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Top 10 Trending Mother's Day Flowers

Laura, Product Development

Thanks to Mother's Day, it's probably no surprise to you that May is one of the most popular times to send flowers! BUT did you ever wonder what are the most popular flower types to send mom?

Whether your mom has a favorite flower type, or stays on top of the hottest trends, here is a list of flowers by type that peak during May* to help you with your Mother's Day gifting research! Our list of the best flowers for Mother's Day is sure to have something special for your one­of­a­kind Mom, whether you're looking to send her favorite flower on their own, or in a beautiful mixed bouquet!


Blue Bird of Happiness | SHOP NOW >
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Not only are hydrangeas the top searched flower during the month of May, they also come in the Pantone Colors of the Year for 2016; Rose Quartz (a light pink) and Serenity (a purplish blue)! This "Blue Bird of Happiness" plant encompasses the "serenity" color for the year, while we have other hydrangea plants that come in rose quartz—or a combination of both!


Roses are a favorite flower year­round, including Mother's Day. If you're not sure of her favorite color rose, or you just love them all, then choose a gift with multi­colored roses like this Garden Rose arrangement, featuring pink, purple & yellow roses in a reusable—and beautiful—watering can! Garden Roses | SHOP NOW >


Orchids are an elegant flower, perfect for the stylish mom who is always on top of the latest trends! Ranging in color from white to purple, there's an orchid flower for every trendy mom! Lovely Lavender Orchid | SHOP NOW >


Tulips are a popular and timeless spring flower that comes in many beautiful colors. Whether Mom likes yellow, pink, purple or anything in between, delicate blooming tulips are the way to go! Timeless Tulips® | SHOP NOW >


Nothing says "Happy Mother's Day" like a daisy! Daisies are the type of flower guaranteed to make someone smile, which makes them perfect for Mom. Not only does this lavender arrangement have daisies, but it's also one of Pantone's Colors of the Year for 2016! Lavender Dreams™ | SHOP NOW >

Calla Lilies

Calla lilies are one of the most unique flowers out there, with their elegant and sophisticated appearance. While many people aren't too familiar with this type of flower, they still managed to come out on top in the list of Top 10 Mother's Day flowers. It just goes to show you how much moms love them simply by their appearance! Love You Mom Calla Lily | SHOP NOW >


The gardenia plant is recognized by its signature white flowers and sweet fragrance, which makes it both a simple and classic surprise. Mom will love this beautiful gift and the fact that it can be planted outside to last for months to come! Graceful Gardenia | SHOP NOW >


While we already added calla lilies to the list, there are many different types of lilies, and we love them all! Stargazer lilies are big, beautiful flowers that come in a variety of colors and are a great addition to any bouquet—or in a bouquet all by themselves! There are also Peruvian lilies and Oriental lilies that look beautiful added into an arrangement. What's your favorite type of lily? Mother's Embrace™ | SHOP NOW >


We couldn't get through this list without adding sunflowers! Who can resist these bright yellow blooms that scream sunshine and happiness? Not Mom, for sure! Warm Sunset Bouquet | SHOP NOW >

Gerbera Daisy

Yes, we know, we mentioned daisies already, but we felt that Gerbera daisies deserved their own spot on this list. Colorful Gerbera daisies bring cheer for any occasion, and these fantastic flowers make the top 10 list of favorite flowers year­round. So, if you’re stumped on what to get Mom, just know that you can’t go wrong with a colorful bouquet of Gerbera daisies. Sugar 'n' Spice Bouquet™ | SHOP NOW >