In honor of the changing fall foliage, we’re proud to announce Cherry Brandy roses as the latest addition to our ‘Now Booming’ collection! This fast-growing, hybrid tea rose features a sun-kissed yellow-orange center and bright pink petals atop a glistening green, leafy stem. Needless to say, it’s the foolproof way to tell someone you love “cheers” or “congratulations!”

Bloom Size

Standing at an impressive two feet tall and with a staggering five-inch bloom, Cherry Brandy roses are quite an intoxicating sight. However you look at them, these bicolored beauties are truly an exceptional gift for someone special. They also have an enticing fragrance that fills any room they’re in.

The Many Meanings of Multicolored Blooms

Everyone knows that roses represent love and passion, but these bicolored blooms represent all that and more, thanks to their unique mix of colors. Traditionally, orange roses symbolize enthusiasm and the start of a new beginning, while yellow roses symbolize appreciation and friendship. Pink and red roses, on the other hand, symbolize gratitude and appreciation. When blended together, they send the picture perfect message of love and admiration.

Pairing Cherry Brandy Roses

There’s no denying that Cherry Brandy roses can stand alone in their own spotlight, but they also make an exquisite addition to existing bouquets. Bring out their yellow-orange center with sunflowers and pure yellow roses. Or, pair them with red gerbera daisies and pink oriental lilies for a rich, red color scheme.

Cherry Brandy Rose Care

Lucky for us (and more importantly, you) Cherry Brandy roses have a pretty long vase life when cared for properly. We’ve taken all precautions to ensure your blooms live a long happy life, so now the ball is in your court! Keep Cherry Brandy roses looking their best by:

  • Immediately placing them in a recently cleaned glass vase with room temperature water.
  • Cutting the rose stems at an angle before soaking them.
  • Adding just a cup or so of fresh water each day.
  • Keeping them in rooms with a mild temperature. While roses can live long, happy lives in warmer climates, they shouldn’t be left in rooms that exceed 80 degrees.

Roses have stood the test of time as one of the most beloved and symbolic flowers and with the addition of these multicolored blooms to our flourishing rose collection, it doesn’t look like that’ll change anytime soon!


Tara Carlson graduated from Hofstra University with a degree in Public Relations and loves any and all things creative writing - which is why she is thrilled to be working with Petal Talk. When she's not writing, you can probably find her swimming at the beach, playing soccer, and catching up on the latest movies (she's a big fan of award season)!

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